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Hugh Hefner Opens Doors For Sandra Costa

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Pioneering Paradigms In Interior Design

Below is our recent interview with Sandra Costa, Chief Designer at Sandra Costa Design Group:

Q: For those who haven’t heard of your company, what is the best way to describe Sandra Costa and the Sandra Costa Design Group?

A: I have always lived on the cutting edge of pursuing challenging opportunities. When I was 10 years old, I would hand draw buildings and rooms that showed my parents a vision of how future structures and interiors would look. It was my destiny to build an international design firm where my work would be my creative signature. It takes precision, organization, talent, and ability to see the project from the inside out which puts my company into being ahead of the trend. We focus on design productions that capture the essence of global culture and diversity. We give professional commitment to being on time while setting new standards in areas of Sustainability and Modern ‘Cutting Edge’ Construction Methodologies.

Q: Sandra, let’s start with your background. How did you get to where you are today?

A: I arrived in the United States to look at various job opportunities and through an odd introduction went to work for Mr. Hugh Hefner, the owner of Playboy Enterprises. He was a brilliant journalist who loved modern architecture which he published monthly in his magazines.

I would spend countless hours reading architectural features that he would publish on various architects.

For those who don’t know Playboy, Hugh Hefner helped guide the course of history for thousands of women who wanted to become doctors, lawyers, film directors, and then my passion, interior design.

Playboy was a massive international and recognizable industry that taught me not to blend in with the group, but to lead. The playboy in-signature stood out, and I quickly came to understand that to stand out was a good thing.

I set out to do the same in my own new career. I loved working with the other Playboy bunnies but as I was turning my late 20s I knew I was to concentrate on my inner passion and focus on studying the great Interior Design and Architecture world of Paul Williams, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Richard Neutra. I knew that this was my calling and with my natural abilities, intuition, and desire to take charge of my life, I began to grow and unfold. It was my undying passion to get into the design and architecture industry and it was Mr. Hefner who said I should get a job as an intern for a leading design firm. I am still very friendly with many of the girls I met at Playboy.

Image credit: Angelo R. Costa

Q: What makes your designs recognizable?

A: I create bespoke projects in their truest sense. I don’t believe there’s only one way in life and that certainly applies to design, which is why I create unique one-of-a-kind properties with sexy atmosphere and elegance… Not ‘cookie cutter’. My work shows a personalized aesthetic and quality of its own.

There are many designs that people will want because they see it repeatedly. Automobiles are like this. A car comes out and that unique style hits the market and then all the others start making the same design.

I don’t copy a design.

I work with organic textures, raw materials, and various unpredictable color palettes. This also applies to my personal wardrobe where I coordinate my own designs.

Most of my work is custom designed and manufactured in the United States. My overseas clients like our quality so we will design, build and deliver. I do have a few favorite furniture European manufacturers that are very handsome and I will include their product in with my own.

Q: Who are your clients? Which types of businesses? What challenges are you helping them solve?

A: My clients are international. I have designed mansions, high rises, castles, mausoleums, buildings, boats, and museums. We are a diverse organization of highly qualified and experienced experts so we are a team who knows what it takes to provide the best in design and service.

We live in a time when taking care of the client’s priorities, privacy and security is what is needed. We know how to deliver.

I have seasoned experience in both residential and commercial design and became a licensed Building Contractor in Los Angeles. Many of my projects start with the Design, then we go on to Build it. When I decided to get into remodeling, there were only a few woman contractors… I kept reminding myself what Hugh Hefner told me: “You can do it”. And I do.

Image credit: Angelo R. Costa

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Q: What are your company’s plans and goals for the future?

A: I will continue to act as a consultant on national and international projects, while our company, the Sandra Costa Design Group, continues to meet and conquer the ongoing challenges in this industry. I will always provide our clients with something extra special. We are focused on constantly setting new standards of what is possible while creating Interior and Exterior Architecture that is both iconic and innovative.

It’s always been an exciting time for people like me who live for creativity, and it is all because creativity is who we are.

Image credit: Angelo R. Costa

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