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Innovative Bitplay Cases Helps You Improve Your iPhone Photography

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Bitplay helps users take amazing photos with their iPhones by developing revolutionary mobile photography tools. These accessories include quality phone cases, tripods and a large variety of lenses for every possible scenario. Below is our interview with Danny Ordway from Bitplay:

Q: You’ve recently announced the SNAP! 7; what are main benefits for the users?

A: In recent years, iPhones have become our go-to camera because they are always with us. However, as powerful as they are, using the touch screen or volume button to snap a shot still doesn’t feel as natural as using a physical digital camera. Moreover, iPhone is also very limited when it comes to the possibilities of adding lenses and mounting on a tripod.

Therefore, SNAP! 7 was designed to solve these problems that we’ve encountered with mobile photography. By adding the patented physical shutter and the great ergonomic grips, SNAP! 7 provides the best photo taking experience with your most used camera – your iPhone. SNAP! 7 brings back the classic camera design, so you can take pictures in one hand comfortably, or use it on a tripod just like how you use the real camera. Moreover, there are 6 add-on lenses, including a high-quality HD Wide Angle lens, circular polarizer, Full Frame Fisheye and more, for all conditions.

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Q: Your new iPhone cases have a patented physical shutter; could you give us more insights?

A: As a photography enthusiast ourselves, we realized no matter how much we love to take pictures with our iPhones, we always encountered that awkward moment of not being able to snap a perfect shot naturally and easily. Whether we used the volume button or touch screen to take a shot, we usually ended up with shaky photos or our hands blocking the view. Taking a steady shot with a single hand was almost impossible.

So, we came up with the idea of incorporating an actual shutter button on our SNAP! 7 case. When you hold your phone horizontally, the shutter button is on the upper right hand corner, just as how you would use the shutter on a real camera. Our patented mechanical design is situated inside the back cover of the case, while connecting the physical shutter button and the volume rocker (-) button. So when you press the shutter button of the SNAP! 7, the volume button will be simultaneously pressed as well to trigger the camera shutter (a built-in function of the default camera app). You need no Wi-Fi/Bluetooth pairing or any additional apps to use the case.

With SNAP! 7 in hand, now you can quickly unlock the phone with a thumb swipe and then use your index finger to snap a shot with the shutter without your hand being in the way. We are hoping that with our patented design, we can deliver the same kind of feel and experience when using a real camera to our users.

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Q: What are the main challenges of developing innovative mobile cases right now?

A: Mobile phone is the essential every object for most people, therefore the cases of it might as well be the most used daily items as well. We believe that the case can be much more than just protecting your phone. It can also be a useful tool that helps to improve everyday life. So the main challenges were definitely to find out the valuable problems to solve and to improve user’s experience.

We hope our case can be carried every day and help to capture the valuable moment on the go.

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Q: What are your plans for keeping bitplay on the forefront of technology innovation?

A: We believe there is still a lot of potential in the “mobile photography” field. We will take the conventional digital camera for reference and continue to develop more helpful mobile photography tools.

Q: What’s the best thing about bitplay that people might not know about?

A: bitplay started as a lifestyle brand that created interactive products like BANG! and products that are sold in MoMA design stores. We bitplay always strive to make the delightful products with top quality.

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