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Klean Industries – Turning Waste Streams Into Domestic Energy, Sustainable Green Commodities And New Jobs

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Klean Industries Inc is dedicated to making a real and significant difference to the one of the biggest problems we are facing in the world today and that is climate change. Klean Industries recovers resources from problematic waste by using proven and commercial grade thermal conversion technologies that break down these waste streams into their original components. Below is our interview with Jesse Klinkhamer, Chief Executive Officer at Klean Industries Inc:


Q: What is your core competence? Tell us something more about the company?

A: Klean Industries recovers resources from what is generally considered problematic waste. This is achieved by using proven thermal conversion technologies that break down these waste streams into their original components. By focusing on high calorific, oil based wastes such as municipal solid waste, non-recycled plastics and end-of-life tires, Klean Industries captures and then upgrades these recycled products to a clean electrical energy and liquid fuels, and as an example in the case of tyres a high grade diesel fuel and a refined carbon black are recovered that can be used again in new rubber and plastic production. These green commodities can be used by industry as a substitute for traditional virgin commodities but they come with a lower cost, lower carbon footprint and are far more sustainable.

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Q: What advantage does Klean Industries have over its competitors?

A: Klean has looked at almost every technology on the market over a ten-year period and chosen the most proven and efficient technologies available. There are many pilot plants, first of a kind and cheap facilities out there, but they have either never been run for a long period at scale, produce low grade products or are simply unreliable and therefore not bankable. Klean’s technologies have been run at full scale for many years and don’t have the fatigue and teething troubles that many technologies currently experience. In addition to owning and having secured the best processing technologies, Klean knows how to refine the end products so that they are consistently of a high grade and therefore acceptable for re-use by many product manufacturing sectors. Besides the technology, Klean has developed and maintains relationships with all the players across the entire supply chain so that encompasses feedstock sources, engineering teams, logistical specialists and perhaps most importantly the large scale consumers for the sustainable commodities that Klean produces. Klean is a world-leading, vertically-integrated and sustainable producer of oil products, energy and precious commodities from hydrocarbon based waste. The Klean Team has proven itself by capturing the entire value chain by utilizing best in class, proven technologies while at the same time we are setting the gold standard in corporate and social responsibility, while becoming a profit leader in sustainability wherever we do business.

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Q: What do employees love about the company?

A: Klean Industries is dedicated to making a real and significant difference to the biggest problem we face in the world today and that is climate change. Only by changing how we produce and consume energy and utilize our finite resources can the human race expect to have a decent future on planet earth. All of Klean’s employee’s understand that the company has the technologies in its portfolio that have the ability to solve these challenges and are passionate and excited about seeing them implemented worldwide. The company also empowers its employees by involving them in all aspects of its decision making and marketing strategy while it endeavors to ensure that everyone feels a part of the team. Management’s vision and drive is infectious and spurs the company’s employees to ever greater heights. Everyone employed by Klean is committed to contributing to the improvement of the environment for all living things on earth and is dedicated to collectively creating and developing an environmentally conscious sustainable society.

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Q: What can we expect from Klean Industries in next six months?

A: Perhaps the biggest development over the next six months is the planned public listing of the company and over the coming months we will be announcing several new partnerships and projects with some of the largest industrials on the planet. Our plan is to start the filing process in the next few weeks hopefully before the beginning of summer and the end of Q2. With a number of scrap tire recycling (“tires to oil pyrolysis method”) and waste plastics recycling (“plastic to oil pyrolysis method”) references facilities already in operation the company is also very excited by a number of its projects for large scale waste to energy facilities which process municipal solid waste into clean electrical energy and district heating / cooling that have recently received permits and are now ready to enter the next phases of development. Annually the Klean Team reviews an estimated US$10 billion dollars’ worth of projects around the globe. Given these activities the company now boast a project roaster with an estimated value of the project pipeline in excess of US$ 1 billion which continues grow year after year. Management has purposely cultivated many of its projects and relationships over the past decade and we believe these activities illustrate that the company is mature and more than ready for the opportunity for exponential growth as it has taken the time to prepare itself for.

The global waste to energy (“WTE”) market is expected to surpass US$ 40 billion annually by 2020, according to new studies. There is a strong shift in trend towards energy security around the world coupled with decreasing landfill areas which is expected to remain a key driving factor for the global WTE market. Government support in the form of tax benefits and government subsidies are also expected to have positive influence on the market growth. The energy from waste sector is poised for substantial growth and investment over the next coming decades and Klean is set to take full advantage of these trends with many of as its projects possessing key ingredients that investors are looking to get behind from asset and public company point of view. By going public it will allow the company to move to the next stage of its development with the access to capital it needs, allowing it to take on board and phase in more projects in new territories with new partners.

Q: What motivates customers to stay with the company?

A: The company puts its customers at the heart of all its activities and each project focuses on the very specific needs of the client by tailoring its operations to ensure the bespoke product is not only consistent but of the highest quality possible, so they can reduce their consumption of virgin material. The vast majority of our customers are highly attuned to their corporate social responsibilities and are actively involved in developing new integrated plans that provide new and strategic ways to improve their triple bottom line: social, environmental (or ecological) and financial. Klean spends a great deal of time consulting with various customers to help them understand their options and how best to address their current needs while also putting them ahead of new regulations and their competitors. We help customers reduce their manufacturing costs while simultaneously lowering their operating costs and offsetting their environmental footprint. It is our proven approach and track record that we combine with our unique technology portfolio gives the Klean Team the ability to focus on providing our customers with only the best engineering solutions which deliver the highest possible returns both environmentally and financially.

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