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Konversai: The Future Of Work

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Below is our recent interview with Sushma Sharma, CEO & Founder of Konversai:

Q: For those who haven’t heard of it, what is the best way to describe Konversai?

A: An eBay of knowledge, Konversai is the world’s first one-stop shop for any and all personal human knowledge. We live in a world where technology makes our lives more convenient but also more disconnected. There are millions of people who have valuable knowledge and skills, have time, and need income, but don’t have a way to offer it and earn from it. There are also millions of people who need face-to-face interactions to learn something or get trustworthy information but are limited by geography, time, and money. Konversai offers the solution to both of these problems. Konversai connects people on a one-on-one basis and enables video conversations between them for the exchange of knowledge. It is the platform that allows everyone to be part of the gig economy.

Q: I read something about your Global Small Business Partnership Program. What exactly is it and why is it important to you?

A: Konversai’s Global Small Business (GSB) Partnership Program makes Konversai’s platform available to small businesses to either connect with potential clients or to run their whole business. We have identified that one of the biggest problems facing small businesses is the ability to reach new clients while managing operations. Our goal is to solve that problem by providing a way for our hundreds of thousands of users (all potential clients) from all over the world to find small businesses. GSB members are given search preference in our database and are featured in our social media posts and our newsletter, and some are featured in our Facebook and Instagram advertising. In addition to exposure, members have full access to Konversai’s platform, making it easy for them to schedule, keep track of all of their transactions and analytics, and receive reviews. Another core feature of the GSB is a concierge service where members are cross-connected by us with other complementary small businesses. This allows them to provide services to others and be provided services they need for their personal and professional pursuits. This feature speaks to Konversai’s circular model.

This initiative is important to us because businesses are all about people. We care about the people behind the businesses and want to enable their success. As we ourselves are a small business, we know firsthand that entrepreneurship is a tough and lonely journey and thus recognize the importance of support. We provide the multifaceted support network that small businesses and the people behind them need to make their personal and professional lives easier and more fulfilled.

Q: What are the benefits of participating in GSB?

A: People running businesses have multiple needs. Let’s take a busy executive/leadership coach, for example. In addition to visibility and exposure, amongst other things, she needs legal advice, accounting assistance, a website designer, and a marketing expert. This same GSB member can then go on to coach the lawyer, accountant, and website designer in their professional growth. Not only has Konversai connected this executive coach with services for her business, we have also given her clients. We help GSB members identify what else they might need and become the holistic support structure to get them there.

Q: What type of customer would benefit most from your service?

A: Currently, the target customer for GSB is service-oriented small businesses of up to 50 employees. GSB participation can benefit each and every employee within a business. We are also working on corporate partnerships with banks and other companies that provide incentives and support to small businesses.

That being said, every single person in the world can benefit from being on Konversai. Every human being on the planet has valuable knowledge, skills, and experiences to share, and others are seeking these assets. Both of these parties have a place on Konversai. In an economy where consistency and efficiency are prioritized, individuality and creativity often get squashed. Konversai counters this trend by giving value to every individual’s unique life experiences and passions and encourages users to make a livelihood from them. The platform not only allows for the sharing and monetization of personalized knowledge, it also enables social interaction—one of humanity’s core necessities that is missing from far too many others like it. People do not connect with a website; they connect with other people. Our user base of over 180,000 users is growing exponentially, which speaks to that premise and demonstrates that there is an inherent need that Konversai is satisfying. People are realizing how much Konversai will change their world and enrich their lives. If you want that for yourself, then you should be on Konversai.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We have multiple stage plans. Our immediate plan is to grow the GSB to 10,000 businesses over the next six months. While our initial focus is on businesses in the US and India, we welcome businesses from all over the world. As the name suggests, GSB is on course to becoming a global phenomenon. Any service-oriented business that requires a human interaction and wants to grow should take advantage of GSB. In addition, we are creating a mobile app, which we will launch in the next few months. In the long term, our goal is to be as easily usable and readily available to people as Google. For any information you need, you go to Google. For any conversation you need, you should be looking at Konversai.

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