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Linear’s Exciting Journey: A $35M Series B Funding Led By Accel

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Linear, a prominent project and issue tracking system, has recently announced a significant milestone in its journey. The company has successfully raised a $35M Series B funding round, with Accel taking the lead. This article delves into the details of this funding round, the company’s progress over the past few years, and what the future holds for Linear.

Key Participants in the Series B Funding

Linear’s recent funding round saw participation from some of the most renowned names in the industry. Accel, led by Miles Clements, spearheaded the round, with notable contributions from Stephanie Zhan of Sequoia and Dick Costolo of 01Advisors. The round also witnessed participation from influential entrepreneurs, including the founders of Slack, Vercel, and Supercell. Several of Linear’s current customers turned investors, reinforcing their trust in the company’s vision and capabilities.

Linear’s Remarkable Progress

Since its inception and the Sequoia-led Series A in 2020, Linear has witnessed tremendous growth. The company has expanded its product development workflows, aiding businesses in driving their roadmaps, sharing project updates, and triaging incoming bug reports. Impressively, Linear has been operating profitably since 2021, indicating its long-term sustainability. The platform is trusted by thousands of companies, ranging from early-stage startups to public enterprises. Brands like Cash App, Supercell, Vercel, and Loom are just a few names that rely on Linear for their product development.

Why Companies Choose Linear

Linear stands out in the crowded project management tool market due to its speed, optimized design, and powerful features. Companies often migrate from legacy tools to Linear, seeking a more efficient way to manage their projects. The platform’s user-friendly interface ensures teams can focus on their work rather than spending time configuring the system.

Looking Ahead: Linear’s Future Plans

While celebrating this funding milestone, Linear remains committed to its core values of building high-quality software. The company, currently a 50-member team, plans to expand thoughtfully, emphasizing the belief that smaller, focused teams can achieve superior results in the right environment. Linear is also actively hiring, inviting individuals passionate about product development to join their journey.

Gratitude and Acknowledgment

Linear extends its heartfelt gratitude to its customers, community, and investors for their unwavering support and trust. The company acknowledges that its current position is a testament to the collective efforts of all stakeholders. Linear is excited about the future and is committed to delivering exceptional value to its users.

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