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Loom Systems Helps Digital Businesses Solve Issues Through AI-Powered Operational Analytics Platform

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Loom Systems provides an enterprise-grade advanced AI-powered analytics platform that gives insights into digital businesses while needing no configuration. It stands above the competition as the only automated AI-Powered solution that gives the root cause analysis of the issue in real-time while previously requiring no prior math knowledge from the user. Below is our interview with Gabby Menachem, CEO of Loom Systems:

Gabby Menachem

Q: Gabby, tell us something more about Loom Systems?

A: Loom Systems is the only platform that deploys Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning capabilities to IT teams to predict and prevent problems in real time, in digital systems. Aimed for DevOps and IT professionals, our platform is capable of analyzing machine data from any source, and across multiple applications to provide the root-cause of issues in real-time and without any manual help or configuration. This allows DevOps and IT teams to gain full visibility into their systems and cut the time and efforts to solve issues, dramatically.

Q: You’ve recently announced an AI-powered operational analytics platform; what are main benefits for your users?

A: Loom helps reduce the cost and complexity of working with operational analytics as our platform easily generates insights from raw data and with zero configuration or maintenance of the IT stack, including homegrown applications. There are many benefits in the platform for our users, but the most prominent ones are:

• Zero data pre-processing & configuration that saves valuable time and the tedious workflow in this phase.
• The ability to, simultaneously, correlating and detecting issues across multiple applications and systems.
• Automatically determine the root-cause of issues in real-time.
• Enrich our users with insights that are coupled with the detected issue, with recommendations on how to solve the problem.
• Save the tribal knowledge inside the organization and empower the different operational tiers with a build in knowledge-base mechanism.

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Q: Who is your ideal user and why?

A: When we look at the major challenges and pain-points derived from transforming into a digital business, we see that most of them shift the focus, and the burden, to Operations. It is kind of impossible to be able to collect, analyze and prevent problems in a complex multi-layered environment, with vast amounts of data. We provide DevOps and IT Operations with a disruptive tool that leverages AI and machine learning to automatically predict and prevent issues, and to provide the users with actionable insight to solve the problem.

Q: Can you give us more insights into your features?

A: Loom Systems takes digitized information in structured, semi-structured or uncommonly structured text format and structures it automatically. By mathematically modeling how humans analyze such structures, Loom Systems fuses analytical skills with computational speed to simulate and enhance the entire data analysis cycle. The solution considers each metric and tracks it to learn its unique baseline and behavioral pattern over time to detect anomalies and predict future trends.

Loom uses complex modules to determine whether a signal has shifted, as well as the type of shift that has occurred. The signal types are distinguished and anomaly detection algorithms are tailored to fit them. Signals are then automatically tracked in ways that complement their expected behavior.

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Q: What can we expect from you in next six months? What are your plans?

A: Our main focus for this year is to broaden our reach to customers and prospects and to grow the company in the US and worldwide. Partnerships are very important for us and we’re looking for new channels and partners to join us in our journey to disrupt the disrupting digital transformation.

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