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Mac Business Solutions – Exceptional Customer Service From Beginning To End

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Started as a home based business in 1990, Mac Business Solutions has grown into the largest Apple Certified Value Added Reseller located in the Mid-Atlantic area. MBS offers a complete range of professional computer services to government and industry for twenty six years. Below is our interview with Vernon Goertz from Mac Business Solutions:

Vernon Goertz

Q: Tell us something more about Mac Business Solutions and your services?

A: MBS is the largest Apple Specialist in the Mid-Atlantic region and has been offering a complete range of professional computer services and solutions to government, enterprise, military and individuals alike, since 1990.

Q: What is your main focus at the moment?

A: We focus on exceptional customer service from beginning to end, providing everything from honest solutions for both Apple and Microsoft products, to engineering support, onsite service, logistical assistance and device management to make our customers more productive and more successful. After all, we gauge our success on our customer’s ability to be successful.

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Q: You’ve recently announced an open Seminar for the Discovery of Healthcare and Computer Science Innovations for the Health of Wounded Warriors; tell us something more?

A: MBS feels that it is important to have open dialogue with industry experts and experts in specific fields that have a direct impact on how we use and interact with technology.

Those that are differently abled, suffer from PTSD or moral injuries can benefit from modern technology to enrich their lives, overcome communication gaps and when needed, even find ways to heal. Our role is simply to facilitate the conversation and hopefully help initiate far reaching and ongoing discussions.

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Q: What makes MBS events unique and what is the company’s long term potential within the events space?

A: Industry expos have gradually seen a decline as the Internet makes product introductions easier. It has ironically, not made it easier to for individuals to connect with industry experts to discuss and have physical access to new solutions and devices. We believe that these expos, that bring people together, are critical in helping individuals and organizations drive success and as such, we will continue to offer these expos at no charge.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We will continue to be community focused, hosting events that empower our customers to be informed, successful and provide the needed feedback to drive technology.

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