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Magic EdTech Making Digital Learning Accessible, Affordable And Sustainable

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Magic EdTech is a technology and content services company focused on helping its client to build digital learning products. What is the future of edtech and how is Magic making it possible? Magic EdTech CEO, Acky Kamdar answers all these queries for us.

Acky Kamdar

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Magic EdTech?

A: Magic EdTech began its journey with the simple idea of leveraging digital technology to bring learning to life. Our mission statement is “Magic EdTech is committed to humanity’s pursuit of happiness by making lifelong digital learning accessible, affordable, and sustainable”.

Magic EdTech is a technology and content services company focused on helping its client to build digital learning products. We have a Cloud hosted platform that helps 2MM students access their digital learning content. We help EdTech companies build their new generation learning technology platforms including LMS, e-readers, and digital content distribution platforms and provide technology integrations. We help our publishing clients to convert their textbooks and legacy content into immersive digital learning products – simulations, gamification, interactive, and mobile. For more visit

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Q: Tell us something about your corporate learning solutions.

A: Magic EdTech takes a partnership approach to enable training solutions for corporate businesses specifically to serve the new digital millennial workforce and their style of learning. Magic Edtech will help bring microlearning modules provided over mobile devices, with gaming style quizzes and assessments that combine social media interactions to deliver better learning outcomes.

We also offer custom training solutions for product companies that have unique training requirements for their products along with Program Management services that manage end-to-end training programs for corporates to ensure the training provides maximum benefits. Aligned with the needs of corporates, technology companies, and training institutions, we offer training solutions meant to cover new feature sets and the latest geographies, compliance, and regulatory requirements.

Q: What kind of services do you provide to your clients?

A: Magic EdTech helps build and distribute digital learning products for education and corporate markets. Our solutions help make digital learning more accessible, immersive, mobile, and analytics-driven. Our services bring content engineering, technology services, and platforms to help our clients with their digital learning products.

Magic has served over 60 global education publishing and edtech companies and has a long-standing relationship with leading publishers like Pearson, and HMH. As a recognized global leader in end-to-end accessibility services, we design, test, remediate, and certify learning solutions that are ADA, 508, and WCAG 2.0 compliant. Magic EdTech brings expertise to build learning solutions using AI, AR, and gamification for richer and more engaging learning. We create Science, Social Science, Math Virtual Labs, and Language interactives with our diverse range of products and services.

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Q: What do you think of the way education technology sector is developing? What is the future for edtech?

A: EdTech is all about using digital technology to deliver better learning efficacy. This may involve building new learning products or repurposing the legacy learning products onto the new platforms that best suit the new generation of digital learners. In the coming years, digitization will redefine the education landscape and the concept of campus will extend beyond the traditional definitions. EdTech can be leveraged to create efficiencies, cut costs and enable new levels of standardization. Education technology, if deployed properly, can help us in building a learning environment where learners are allowed to create their own personalized path and apply critical thinking. It can enable creativity and collaboration. Above all, EdTech will help make learning content more accessible to all learners.

Q: What are the challenges the education sector is facing right now and how is Magic Edtech serving its purpose?

A: Magic EdTech believes that today’s education sector has lots of headroom for growth – there are opportunities for making education universally accessible, affordable and sustainable. As the world is becoming more globally interconnected, one of the key challenges to learning remains the lack of universal accessibility.

Magic understands how to build digital learning products that are more immersive, accessible, and mobile for different markets globally. The e-learning market is evolving at a fast pace as new technologies make education affordable for a wider base of learners. Magic can share the risks and rewards of the investment in a technology build-out for edtech companies, thus making it easy for them to address new markets and deliver world-class solutions. Over the years, Magic EdTech has reimagined content to utilize different digital technologies and create an immersive learning experience that makes learning accessible and affordable to everyone.

Q: What makes experiential learning an effective method for acquiring knowledge and skills?

A: Experiential learning moves away from the traditional means of education like rote and repetitive learning. Instead, it focuses on ‘learning while doing’, which helps learners at the school, college and corporate levels make the most of any program. Another thing it does is to connect theory and practice seamlessly, which is also helpful in accelerating the speed of learning and absorption. That’s primarily because while the students are able to learn theory concepts in an interactive manner, the learner enjoys a first-hand experience. This works two ways—it increases the engagement level and it changes the learner mindset. This is very relevant in today’s fast-paced world where attention spans are compressed and the millennials prefer practice over theory. Clearly, experiential learning has many advantages over the older models of learning.

Q: How is Magic EdTech different as a provider of accessibility solutions? And how are you making learning easier for the specially abled?

A: Magic has built proven accessibility solutions that address accessibility needs and meet industry standards and mandates for different markets across the globe. We have partnered with industry leaders like Pearson to help provide complete end-to-end digital accessibility solutions – gap analysis, testing, remediation, deployment, and certification.

Magic has invested in building digital accessibility expertise with IAAP-certified consultants. Magic has partnered with USA based accessibility experts as well as industry associations like National Federation of the Blind in India to develop accessibility solutions. Magic’s expertise is based upon its ability to understand and apply the industry standards and its willingness to undertake thorough primary research for the target audience before designing test cases and accessibility solutions. The magic team consists of experts who are special needs learners.

Q: What impact do you intend to create in the future of education?
You are constantly making things better, faster, and smarter by leveraging technology to improve learning. But, what is that one thing that makes you different from your competitors?

A: Our history of being in the business for over 27 years focusing only on the digital side of the learning products makes us unique. The one thing that differentiates us is our commitment to education and digital learning – we are unique because we bring a blend of technology and content experts to create digital learning products that deliver better learning efficacy. Besides providing custom solutions for our clients, Magic help its publisher/edtech clients to distribute digital learning products and serve over 2 million students globally with our ready-to-use, off-the-shelf cloud-based MagicBox platform. With MagicBox, personalized educational content can be delivered anytime, anywhere with web and mobile based apps for learners, teachers, schools, and parents.

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