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MCN Healthcare Transforms Legacy Policies To Cloud-Based Policy Management Solutions

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MCN Healthcare, Inc. is an innovative provider of custom workflow management software, policy content and compliance expertise for healthcare providers. Policy management software, fully-customizable policy library and regulatory notification system were developed specifically for the needs of healthcare professionals. Below is our interview with Joyce Paich from MCN Healthcare Energy:

Q: Tell us something more about MCN Healthcare and your history?

A: Amanda Valeur and Pam Gustafson, the founders of MCN Healthcare, worked in the same trauma center before starting a consulting company – Medical Consultants Network. Medical Consultants Network worked with hospitals and the regulations addressing, patient dumping – the practice of transferring or turning a patient away because of the patient’s inability to pay.

Soon other consultants joined us and we expanded our coverage of the regulations. Eventually we became a publishing company providing hospitals and other healthcare organizations with policy and procedure templates for every department. Today, MCN Healthcare is a software and publishing company offering fully hosted solutions including policy management and online learning software.

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Q: Could you explain the function and advantages of your workflow management solution, Policy Manager?

A: Our Policy Manager, Ellucid, is designed specifically for how the healthcare industry operates. MCN Healthcare’s Policy Manager is a robust workflow and document control management system. Staff can go online anywhere, at any time, and easily search and manage policy content with Policy Manager. Advantages include:

• Online Access, 24/7, No IT Resources Required
• All Hosting & Tech Support Provided by MCN for No Additional Charge
• Robust Search Functionality
• Automation of the Policy Approval Workflow Process
• Policy Version Control
• Competency Assessment
• Virtual Collaboration
• Automatic Archiving

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Q: Who is your ideal customer and why?

A: MCN Healthcare’s Policy Manager is designed specifically for healthcare. Our customers include, hospitals and critical access hospitals, Long Term Care Facilities, Ambulatory Care Facilities, Medical Offices, Clinics, Clinical Laboratories, Hospices, Home Health Agencies, Ambulatory Surgical Centers and Behavioral Health Facilities

Q: What are your plans for next six months?

A: MCN Healthcare continuously works to improve the functionality of our software and to provide new features that make life easier for our customers. We are also looking to add new products in the future.

Q: What’s the best thing about MCN Healthcare that people might not know about?

A: MCN Healthcare has the best customer service in the industry. Our trained staff assists with the implementation process and is there for the customer every step of the way.

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