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Meet Connected Dealer Services – Connected GPS Technology Company Targeting Progressive New Car Dealerships Across The US

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Connected Dealer Services is a cloud-based, connected GPS technology company targeting progressive new car dealerships across the US. Below is our recent interview with Shane Wilson, President & CEO of CDS:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to CDS?

A: Our primary focus is providing New Car Automotive Dealers with custom designed GPS based management tools and services that help dealers optimize their operations, reduce costs and drive more profit to their bottom line.

Our new GPS Dealer Inventory Management System helps Auto Dealers protect their vehicle assets, manage inventory, reduce costs, improve service retention and provide a value-added profit center at the point of sale.

We’ve recruited a team of innovators experienced within wireless, GPS technology and the unique needs of New Car Dealerships to create a comprehensive system that enables faster, smarter and more streamlined operational decisions.

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Q: You’ve recently launched Elo GPS 2.0 platform; could you tell us something more?

A: When our dealers talk, we listen! Our leadership team continuously works to improve the platform. We actively take feedback from the field and implement updates to meet their needs. The 2.0 platform is our first release of many that includes a refreshed user experience, updated reporting and business intelligence tools that are absolutely required for success in today’s environment.

Q: Could you walk us through your features?

A: • Nationwide Stolen Vehicle Recovery – locate and find any vehicle on/off the lot with additional support from our 24/7/365 support staff that will assist local law enforcement in locating any vehicle
• Real-time vehicle tracking from anywhere with our desktop platform or EloGPS Mobile App
• Custom-defined Geofence boundaries set up by the user to alert when vehicle moves beyond a set range
• Easy hardware set-up and installation
• Access to consumer mileage alerts to stay connected with your drivers and improve service customer retention
• Business Intelligence – Better Manage your dealership with real time data, reports, and efficient inventory audit capability

Q: What are the main benefits of using ELO GPS? Why is now the time for such a solution?

A: Lot Management – Our advanced GPS inventory management system allows dealer staff to instantly locate any new, used, loaner or dealer owned vehicles on or off the lot. Dealers can now know the real-time exact location of any vehicle quickly and accurately. Managers can breeze through inventory audits by locating and verifying any vehicle, including demo and loaner stock.

Protection – Our advanced GPS platform is designed to enable Auto Dealerships to secure their entire vehicle inventory and greatly reduce risk and losses. Our system allows managers to instantly locate, find and recover missing or stolen inventory anywhere in the US and Canada. Our comprehensive program secures a dealers’ entire inventory, including stock, loaner, fleet and demo vehicles.

Business Intelligence – We have added real time monitoring dashboards to help the dealership better manage their inventory, sales performance and vehicle maintenance such as low battery detection. In our 2.0 platform, the user experience has been enhanced in a way to make it more visual and interactive so that dealers can see the status of their inventory at a glance.

Sales Assistance – The CDS system allows dealers’ sales staff to sort and then search vehicles on lot. Sales staff can sort by make, model and year. As an example, a salesperson can search a specific make, model or year and then instantly locate all vehicles that match that search directly on the lot. No more wasted time walking lots looking for a vehicle and delaying a customer’s test drive experience. EloGPS improves sales staff professionalism and allows more time for staff to focus on closing the sale.

Profit Center – Our value-added Elo GPS Stolen Vehicle Recovery and Driver Monitoring System provides CDS dealer partners a significant profit center by providing a simple consumer add-on sale at the POS. Our system can transform inventory management costs into a growing profit center that can add hundreds of profit dollars to each sale and improve customer retention by giving drivers the GPS tracking, stolen vehicle recovery, and maintenance features as well.

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Q: What else can we expect from CDS in 2020? What’s on your roadmap?

A: We are very close to taking our EloGPS product to the next level with consumer features and dealership engagement that are like nothing on the market today. Stay tuned!

Last Updated on August 20, 2020

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