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Meet Cubo – A B2B Virtual Office App Designed To Improve Team Collaboration By Bringing Members Together

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Below is our recent interview with Leo Ye, the Founder & CEO at Cubo:

Q: What is Cubo?

A: Cubo is a B2B virtual office app designed to improve team collaboration by bringing members together in one location, conveniently migrating business connections from offline to online. With Cubo, users can feel the vibrating life of a real office, sense the engagement again, and the positive work atmosphere back.

Our vision is to break down the barriers of remote work by building an innovative digital business world and greatly reduce the friction of team collaborations and business cooperation.

At Cubo, we are a remote, global, passionate, and dedicated team creating a universal virtual platform redefining the way we work. We are at an early stage, consistently enhancing and improving our functions to help all remote/hybrid teams work efficiently together.

Q: Any highlights on your recent announcement? Can you give us more insights into your offering?

A: Cubo is soon launching version 1.2. This version brings solutions to recurring problems remote teams face.


  • Time-consuming text messages and back and forth emails.
  • Complex process from creating the meeting room, sending the link invitation and awaiting confirmation.


  • Instant real-time conversation in one-click with Tapchat. Just tap on the user’s avatar and get connected instantly. A game-changer replacing endless messaging with a 2-minute talk.
  • Meetings are simplified and easy to join with our Meeting Hub. Users can simply create a new meeting, add participants, and have their avatars dragged immediately into the meeting room.

Struggling to manage the tediousness and mess of asynchronous information.

Remote settings weaken ties within the team and lead to an overwhelming sense of disconnection

Listen in enables the user to join and just listen without disturbing the discussion. A practical way to grasp front-line information and an invaluable asset to keep track of the ongoing processes.

Social Lounge is an area where users can have some timeout and, more importantly, bond with teammates, chitchat, and even engage in virtual fun activities.

Fear of interrupting or bothering when reaching out to a colleague. Different platforms for different teams and no single panel bringing together all teams

Panel visibility offers full transparency on real-time status of users and on the whole organizational office tasks. No longer blind to how the teams are working. Monitor better, trust more.

We have the pleasure to welcome Megna Ding in the Cubo team. Megna joined us as our CFO. He is a skilled entrepreneur with extensive experience in the investment field and technology industry and will be a tremendous asset for Cubo.

We are also pleased to announce that the mobile and web-based version will be soon available.

Q: What can we expect from your company in next 6 months? What are your plans?

A: Our current version 1.2 is focusing on internal collaboration. Version 1.3 will extend to external collaboration and expand target audience. For example, a personal studio for freelancers allowing them to have demo rooms for clients as well as client rooms.

Q: What is the best thing about your company that people might not know about?

A: Although there are already existing products that improve internal collaboration at different levels, what Cubo offers more in terms of significant benefits is the combination of instant real-time and long-standing connections.

Cubo is an online virtual office ahead of its time. We have the firm belief that everything will be online and remote in a digital/virtual world in the future, and we created this product to help organizations reach optimal levels in terms of collaboration and productivity bringing with it higher efficiency, more freedom, and more possibilities. Cubo is here to bring its contribution to this revolution that has already been happening and to speed up the process.

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