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Mobile Trainers Brings Personal Trainer Directly To Your Home

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Below is our recent interview with Chad Smith from Mobile Trainers:

Q: Could you provide our readers with an overview of Mobile Trainers and your company’s mission?

A: Sure. First, thank you for inviting me for this Q&A. I’m happy to share as much as I can about my company and what we are doing.

Mobile Trainers, founded in 2020, is on a mission to bring personal trainers around the country out of the gym and deliver them directly to clients’ homes. For decades, personal training services have failed to evolve, despite ample room for improvement.

Problems with the Traditional Personal Training Model

For years, many of people have faced disappointment in their experiences with personal trainers, hiring a fitness professional with the hope of improving their health and fitness, only to be left with a lack of progress and less hope than ever before. There are several reasons for this.

  1. Trainer Quality: Of course, the trainers themselves are not always of upmost quality, because the requirements for becoming a personal trainer are lower than that of other health professionals.
  2. Trainer Bandwidth: However, one of the primary reasons is the lack of attention the trainer is able to give their clients. In the traditional gym model, personal trainers are given sales quotas, requiring them to sell a certain number of sessions to new clients each month.

Funny to think that personal trainers at traditional gyms are being required to do sales but are not being required to deliver results for their clients.

The Mobile Trainers Difference

Mobile Trainers offers a personal training service that is different in many ways.

  1. Convenience: We deliver personal trainers directly to clients’ homes, providing convenience and accountability that the industry has never seen before.
  2. High-Quality Trainers: Mobile Trainers hires less than 1% of all trainers that apply, ensuring a team of elite-level trainers from top to bottom.
  3. Tracking: We provide monthly 3D body scans with our fleet of Styku portable body scanners. This allows us to monitor results and improve our fitness programming for our clients.
  4. Nutrition Consulting: Mobile Trainers has a Registered Dietitian on staff to perform advanced nutrition design to support our clients’ goals.
  5. Results: Unlike personal trainers at the gym, our personal trainers do not handle any of the sales activity for the company. Instead, we focus all of their attention on meeting the needs and goals of our clients.

Since launching in 2020, Mobile Trainers has been able to reach clients in five cities, including: Phoenix, Dallas, Miami, Austin, and Denver. We are excited to continue growing our coverage to reach all major US cities in the near future.

Q: Who is your ideal client and why?

A: Our “ideal” client definition covers a wide range of the population, to be perfectly honest. In each city we operate, our staff has a diverse set of skills, so we can accommodate nearly any goal imaginable. Those goals include, but are not limited to: weight loss, flexibility, strength training, muscle gain, toning, postpartum and prenatal training, corrective exercise, cardiovascular training, youth training, sports specific training, and more.

One goal we are not equipped to handle is powerlifting, unless the client has a home gym equipped with powerlifting equipment. We transport all necessary equipment to our clients’ homes, and as you can imagine, it would be prohibitively challenging to transport the weight and racks necessary to do powerlifting training for our clients.

Beyond goal considerations, our ideal customer is enthused about improving their overall health and fitness and is looking for an elite-level trainer to help them on a regimented and well-designed path to their results. In other words, we love clients who are engaged and looking for the best of the best to guide them to success.

Q: What can we expect from Mobile Trainers in next 6 months? What are your plans?

A: Mobile Trainers is planning to widely expand its footprint and services in the next six months. We anticipate launching branches in Seattle, San Diego, New York, New Jersey, and more. We want nothing short of 10 branches by this time next year.

We also intend to expand and improve our service itself. Look for Mobile Trainers to implement more and more sophistication into its progress tracking processes, allowing for even better and faster results for its clients. Also, 2024 will mark the launch of our corporate services division, aimed squarely at providing personalized on-site fitness programs for companies and their employees.

Q: What is the best thing about Mobile Trainers that people might not know about?

A: Our founders. What makes us unique and powerful right now is our fitness mission and methodology. No one else is offering an in-home personal training solution like ours. However, the long-term prosperity of this company will rest on the shoulders of its unique founding duo.

Justin Townsend is a four-sport athlete and former collegiate swimmer that specialized in turnaround management at luxury gyms. His operational excellence and continued knack for recruiting the industry’s top talent act as the back bone of Mobile Trainers’ operations.

Chad Smith is a former NASA Mission Design Engineer turned entrepreneur who has landed on Houston’s 10 Fastest Growing Companies List, along with the Inc 500 list. He also holds three master’s degrees and an apprenticeship in powerlifting by Iowa’s top powerlifter of 1985 (his uncle).

Their combined skillset is very unique and one that will ensure they remain on the forefront of innovation in this industry, pushing boundaries to deliver what matters most to their clients. They’re also close friends who are deeply motivated by the Mobile Trainers mission.

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