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More E-retailers Offering “Prime-Like” Shopping Experience With ReadyReturns

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Online retailers have historically struggled with returns. On the flipside, consumers want an easy and hassle-free way to return a product they’ve purchased online. Finding the balance has been difficult, until now.

ReadyReturns is a fully automated online product returns system that puts retailers in full control of their return policy. It allows a consumer to return to the online store where they made a purchase, fill out a simple form and print a return shipping label. Retailers are able to set the rules of returns, such as return-by dates, return shipping cost, restocking fees and more. They also can learn the reason of the return, too.

We had some time to catch up with Michael Lazar, the Executive Director of Marketing at ReadyCloud, the maker of ReadyReturns, to ask him some questions about this new ecommerce software solution.

Michael Lazar

Q: Who are the primary users of ReadyReturns software and what are some of the key challenges you are helping them solve?

A: ReadyReturns is used by a variety of online retailers that are looking to offer a “Prime-like” online shopping experience for their customers. It integrates with the most popular online shopping carts and marketplaces to bring true automation to the ecommerce returns process.

Retailers face increasingly challenges with returns. Studies have found that one-third of all products purchased online will ultimately be returned by consumers. Over the holidays for 2016, think tanks are predicting that online retailers will have to process over $20 billion in returns.

In recent surveys and studies, consumers have made the following clear:

• 86% want a return shipping label provided by the retailer.
• 68% think free return shipping equates to a positive shopping experience.
• 63% of consumers are dissatisfied with paying for return shipping costs.
• 52% want the return shipping label included in the box.
• 51% will not make a purchase if a return label is not included in the box.
• 50% of shoppers think that returns can be easier to make online.
• 47% want to be able to print a return shipping label from the retailer’s site.
• 42% are satisfied with the process of making returns or exchanges.

ReadyReturns bridges the gap between a retailer’s bottom line and logistics, and consumer demand. It allows a consumer to simply return to the website where they made their online purchase, fill out a simple form, and generate an RMA number and prepaid return shipping label.

ReadyReturns puts retailers in full control of their ecommerce return policy, with customizable rules that include setting restocking fees, return shipping cost and return-by dates. It also enables them to offer a convenient returns center for the consumer, one that’s just as simple as making returns at Amazon or Zappos.

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Q: You’ve recently released the “The Ultimate Guide to Ecommerce Returns”; tell us something more?

A: We created The Ultimate Guide to Ecommerce Returns to help educate the millions of retailers out there on what consumers want, the state of online product returns, and why and how a no-questions-asked returns policy can benefit their bottom line while improving customer loyalty and long term retention.

As the leading provider of automated returns management software, we felt it was necessary to release the definitive guide on ecommerce returns. This all-in-one guide is designed to be the go-to source for retailers seeking to improve their return policy.

Q: What can we expect form you in 2017?

A: Next year is shaping up to be a record-setter for us. Our development team is busy adding new integrations for ReadyReturns and is working to make it the industry-standard for online retailers.

We’ve also got some exciting news in development: We have partnered with a premier payment processor (we can’t name drop, but trust us, they’re the real deal), that can enable retailers who use their services to avoid chargebacks and fraud, while also being able to provide free return shipping to their customers at no cost to them.

It’s something we’re calling “Prime for Everyone.” We think it’s about time that all retailers had a way to compete with big boys, and this new offering will get them there..

Q: How would you convince the reader to start using ReadyReturns?

A: Returns happen. They are unavoidable. How you manage returns will mean the difference in winning over more customers or losing them to your competitor. The statistics don’t lie: If you don’t make returns easy and convenient with a way for a customer to print a return shipping label and process the return from your store, you’ll lose business. Period. ReadyReturns takes the legwork out of automating returns for you and for your customers, and enables you to offer a “Prime-like” shopping experience.

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Q: More generally, how do you see the online product returns software landscape developing, and where do you place yourself in the industry?

A: ReadyReturns is already the leading ecommerce returns management solution. Our goal for 2017 is to further enhance the ecommerce landscape by adding more features and functionality to an already great system.

Our development team is working on integrating ReadyReturns into ReadyCloud Ecommerce CRM to create a full-fledged, cross-channel customer relationship management system.

In the future, expect a lot more bells and whistles that can help you better understand the relationship between your customers and returns, so you can improve your bottom line and supercharge loyalty and retention.

Last Updated on February 12, 2017

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