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MTC Performance Helps Companies Manage Sales Incentive Programs Through Innovative, Multi-Platform Sales Incentive Software

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MTC Performance is the leading provider of sales incentive software that helps companies go beyond spiffs and prizes by creating customized, automated solutions that empower people, change behavior and amplify sales. MTC Performance works with today’s leading tech companies to expand the possibilities of what sales incentive programs can accomplish. With MTC’s sales incentive software solutions, sales organizations are able to easily customize, execute and manage multiple, complex programs at the speed of their business – resulting in better outcomes and new levels of success. Below is our recent interview with George Kriza, President & CEO of MTC Performance:


Q: George, could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to MTC Performance?

A: We founded MTC in 1994, leveraging my background in Channel Sales for companies like Apple Computer and Sony Corporation. Over 25 years of selling in or to every channel of trade, I gained deep insights into the unique dynamics of the channel, along with clarity regarding the mindset of sales people and organizations. The company was the first to innovate the sales incentive market with automated solutions nearly three decades ago.

Today, MTC continues to reinvent sales incentive software by offering a robust Omni-channel user experience so sales teams have full access to their data no matter where they are or what device they’re using.

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Q: Could you explain the function and advantages of your Channel Manager Pro and Vendor Manager Pro?

A: CHANNEL MANAGER™ is an enterprise-level incentive automation software solution that helps large and mid-sized companies manage their multi-national sales incentive programs.

Key design elements for the Channel Manager platform include:

• Our Promotion Builder: Now you can quickly build and promote your incentive programs yourself, often in just a few minutes.

• Information at a Glance: Personalized dashboards, for both Participants and Administrators, provide key program action items and information that makes instant sense of your results, while stimulating greater engagement and easier administration.

• Claims Management: Claims entry and document submission by program participants is easily facilitated. Where data integration is available, automation is highly efficient.

• Attractive Rewards: Fulfill payments and rewards quickly and easily via payroll, reloadable prepaid cards, or point based reward systems.

• Knowledge Builder: Reward participants for learning about products with the online education and survey tool. Product knowledge drives sales, so we drive product knowledge.

• Business Process Management: Manage and define approval routing structures to accurately track which individuals in an organization signed off on the promotion. Maintain strict budget control easily. Workflows and Work Queues are implemented throughout.

• Branding Support: Easily manage and personalize your participant facing program website.

• Business Intelligence: Continuously and easily monitor and evaluate your program with customized reporting tools. You get further insights on your strategies effectiveness with SpiffIQ.

Q: What advantage does MTC Performance have over its competitors?

A: The incentive industry is hard wired to focus on prizes. The carrot rules! However, the MTC approach is to focus our toolset and expertise on changing salesperson behavior to create business outcomes that drive higher volume sales, higher ticket sales and add on sales.

We believe that product knowledge is a main contributor to salespeople comfortably presenting higher end and sophisticated products. So, we provide tools to build that knowledge and create the desired focus. In doing so, we help companies run successful, fully managed, flexible sales incentive programs that drive mindshare, market share and results.

Our Channel Manager platform provides tremendous flexibility in executing any promotion style a sales or channel manager has in mind…

Fast Learning Curve, Powerful Resources:
Our easy-to-use tool guides you through the promotion setup process with an intuitive, goal-oriented approach that has hundreds of promotion styles at your fingertips. Deploy many programs quickly and easily. Strong business results follow.

Business Objectives:
Start with your business objectives as you begin the setup process, aligning your promotions to support your business goals.

Contest Types:
Different contest types support different goals. We have them right “out of the box”. Sell and Get, Competition, Lottery, Goal Based, and more types are available now.

Promotion Configuration:
No programming required! Flexibly supporting single or multiple product groups, prequalification, tiered rewards and budget management: You are in full control.

Target your promotions to specific territories and channels to achieve objectives based on your requirements.

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Q: What geographic markets are you focusing on currently?

A: North America and Latin America. Our system supports English, Spanish, Italian, French and German currently, and can easily add other language support.

Q: What can we expect from you in next four months?

A: We expect to introduce a completely new and exciting concept to the incentive industry. The Internet, cloud and software explosion has given birth to tremendous opportunities and many exciting new business models – everything from Open Table to Lyft to EBay. Apps like that bring together supply and demand, providers and consumers. We plan to provide a platform that does just that for the incentives. Wouldn’t it be great to have all the Vendors and all the Salespeople in a given industry have one place to go to benefit from hundreds of simultaneous incentive programs? Stay tuned.

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