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New Startup HackAbroad – Helps You Find A Tech Job In Your Dream Country

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At one point or another, we’ve all wanted to move abroad. The thought of packing up, getting your passport stamped, and exploring a new country sounded exciting. However, landing a job in a country where one wasn’t a citizen proved to be an impossible task. HackAbroad recently launched their new platform to make moving abroad achievable. It’s a job search website matching tech professionals with visa-sponsoring companies around the world. Below is our interview with Eric Fung, CEO of HackAbroad:


Q: Eric, tell us your startup story?

A: I founded HackAbroad earlier this year with my co-founder, Minh Nguyen. We noticed the tech ecosystem booming worldwide, but there was a lack of communication between job seekers and the tech companies. I knew a lot of tech professionals moving abroad, but they struggled to get hired internationally. Minh’s cousin, a talented programmer, also struggled to get hired in the US. So, we knew we had to tackle this problem!

The biggest obstacle is that most people require visa sponsorship. Tech companies do sponsor, but it takes too many hours of filtering to find these job listings online. There’s no central location for them. We launched HackAbroad to solve this issue!

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Q: In your own words, how would you describe HackAbroad?

A: HackAbroad is a new job site that matches tech professionals with jobs abroad. The site is comprised of only tech companies around the world willing to sponsor foreign talent.

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Q: How does it work?

A: Job seekers can search for jobs by city, country, and skills. The site offers full-time, temporary, and internship positions. Whether you’re a programmer, salesperson, or a student looking for an internship, there’s a position for you on HackAbroad.

Q: Congratulations on your launch! How is the response to HackAbroad so far?

A: Thank you! So far, the response has been great. We’ve been receiving a steady flow of user signups and positive feedback. We’re really happy to know that people are excited about our mission!

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Q: Do you have any new features in the pipeline? What are your plans for 2016?

A: We’re really looking forward to the new year. Without giving out too much information, we’ll be launching some great back-end tools for both job seekers and employers. Our focus is to make the communication between both sides as smooth and efficient as possible. We’ll also be announcing some exciting partnerships!

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