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One Of The Fastest Growing Jewelry Brands In The World Allurez Offers Bitcoin As Payment Method

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Allurez is a direct to consumer brand of fine jewelry. They are one of the fastest growing jewelry brands in the world. They cut out the middleman and bring beautiful designer jewelry, expertly crafted in the USA direct to its clients.

Below is our interview with Raphi Mahgereft, the Founder and CEO at Allurez:

Raphi Mahgerefteh

Q: You are the first of the Internet Jewelry Retailers to offer Bitcoin as payment method; could you tell us something more?

A: Being an e-commerce company we were always at the forefront of technology. We also always want to make it easier for our consumers to be able to purchase from us and have a exceptional experience with us. We have lots of clients that are avid fans of bitcoin and the blockchain technology, and these clients love buying from us with Bitcoins.

Q: Your customers can submit their own design; why is it so popular?

A: Design your own and customization options on Allurez is one of the many things that sets us apart from our competitors. Customers now a days do not want to buy out of the box jewelry. They want to present their loved ones with a unique piece of jewelry that has sentimental value. At we make it very easy for our clients to design any piece of jewelry their heart desires. We have the best jewelry craftsman in the industry to bring our customers designs to life.

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Q: How are your prices so low?

A: At Allurez we cut out the middleman and bring our designs directly to our clients through our easy to use website. Our clients do not have to worry about huge markups that are associated with traditional retailers. We design and manufacture our jewelry in our offices in New York and offer them at exceptional prices.

Q: What do you think the reason is for so many people loving your brand?

A: At Allurez we design the most beautiful jewelry in the world, and expertly craft them in the USA with the rarest and finest diamonds and gemstones in the world. Our customers expectations are always surpassed once they receive our jewelry, as our jewelry looks even better in person. We also have a very user-friendly website making it extremely easy for our clients to purchase from us.

Lastly our award wining customer service team goes above and beyond making sure every single customer is truly satisfied.

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Q: How do you get customers that never bought jewelry online to trust your company and buy from you?

A: We understand that buying jewelry, especially diamond engagement rings is a very important part of a person’s life. We want our clients to be truly confident and satisfied with their decision of purchasing from Allurez. When a customer is unsure about buying online we always tell them to google Allurez Reviews to see what other customers have to say about us. Seeing reviews and ratings from our thousands of satisfied customers gives confidence to our new clients to purchase from us. We also have a very easy return policy, so if a customer is not satisfied with the item they purchased, they can always send it back for a full refund or exchange it for another item. Lastly our customer service team always goes above and beyond to make sure that every single customer is truly satisfied.

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