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PDI Technologies Expands Reach With Skupos Acquisition

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PDI Technologies, a global frontrunner in providing robust solutions and insights for the convenience retail and petroleum wholesale sectors, has made headlines with its acquisition of Skupos. This move effectively extends PDI’s influence to 25,000 independent convenience stores across the U.S.

Skupos: Bridging the Gap Between C-Stores and CPG Brands

Situated in San Francisco and Denver, Skupos has carved a niche for itself by offering single-store operators access to Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brand programs and discounts. This not only benefits the retailers but also provides CPG brands with invaluable data and insights on their product performance at these independent retail sites.

The Synergy of PDI and Skupos

Jamie Hudson, SVP & GM of Offers, Media Network, and Insights (OMNI) at PDI, highlighted Skupos’ remarkable reach within the independent and small-chain channels. By integrating Skupos’ customer base with PDI’s expansive network, brands can now tap into performance metrics and activation data from over 25,000 independent sites. This integration promises mutual benefits for all stakeholders in the convenience ecosystem.

PDI’s Legacy of Innovation

PDI’s journey, spanning four decades, has been marked by its commitment to fostering growth through innovation in the fuel and convenience retail sector. The acquisition of Skupos is a testament to PDI’s ongoing investment in unifying the convenience sector and spearheading industry transformation.

A Win-Win for Brands, Retailers, and Consumers

Brandon Logsdon, President of Consumer Engagement at PDI, emphasized the company’s unparalleled knowledge of the c-store landscape. By assimilating Skupos into its fold, PDI aims to further enhance its insights, offering a more enticing proposition for brands and retailers keen on boosting their profitability. Ultimately, these gains are expected to trickle down to the consumers.

Skupos’ Vision Aligns with PDI’s Mission

Jake Bolling, Co-Founder and CEO of Skupos, expressed pride in the company’s achievements since its inception in 2016. Skupos’ primary mission has been to optimize sales in the convenience channel by connecting entrepreneurial, independent retailers with CPG companies. Bolling is optimistic about the future, believing that PDI’s involvement will amplify Skupos’ mission, bringing immense benefits to the industry.

The acquisition of Skupos by PDI Technologies marks a significant milestone in the convenience retail industry. As both companies align their visions and resources, the industry is poised for transformative growth and enhanced profitability.

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