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PeopleStrategy – Cloud-Based, Enterprise HCM Solutions For Small & Mid-Sized Businesses

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PeopleStrategy provides affordable end-to-end Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions featuring the latest technology delivered in the Cloud. Simply, PeopleStrategy helps HR professionals spend less time on administrative tasks so they can play a bigger role in strategic initiatives that impact the company’s success. Below is our interview with David Fiacco, President and COO of PeopleStrategy:

David-FiaccoQ: Tell us something more about PeopleStrategy and your history?

A: PeopleStrategy was started in 2002 with the goal of providing employers with a simpler, more effective way to manage the HR, payroll and benefits functions. Since that time, our company has experienced significant growth through organic activities and acquisitions while maintaining our same focus and vision – to become the leading provider of innovative, enterprise-level HCM solutions delivered with Service Excellence that inspires our clients, employees and even our competitors. Our strategy for achieving this objective is simple – deliver reliable, proven and versatile solutions that solve each client’s specific business objectives and continue to differentiate ourselves through our unique Clients for Life culture.

Today, PeopleStrategy remains a privately-held company with headquarters located in Atlanta, GA. We also have an operations center in Boston, MA, a development center in Salt Lake City, UT as well as sales offices around the country. More than 80 professionals with extensive experience in payroll and HR product development, data center management, and account management services drive our success. In addition to our empowered team of professionals, we offer clients the opportunity to partner with a company committed to:

  • Outstanding Service / Customer Success – a key component of employee compensation is determined by the company’s Ongoing Customer Satisfaction rating; as such, each employee has a vested interest in ensuring our clients achieve their business objectives and experience exceptional service
  • Right Client/Right Terms – we are focused on building successful client relationships, not simply signing contracts; we won’t take business where either our company or the client won’t succeed
  • Experienced Client Team – each client will have access to an experienced, highly professional team dedicated to the client’s success and satisfaction
  • Clear, Consistent Communication – our clients will never be left in the dark
  • Financial Stability – we are privately-held and debt-free, which means we are not beholden to external influences and demands

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Q: PeopleStrategy’s eHCM solution provides a better and faster way to improve the efficiency and productivity of a workforce. Could you explain the function and advantages of your eHCM solution?

A: PeopleStrategy eHCM is a comprehensive, integrated solution that automates talent acquisition, HR, payroll, benefits administration, workforce management and performance management functions through a single, web-based system, increasing efficiency and productivity across the enterprise. eHCM empowers administrators, managers and employees through self-service and mobile access, and provides access to powerful data and analytics to help identify trends within the organization; guide more proactive, business-oriented decisions and strategies; and ensure compliance with governmental regulations and requirements.

While there are many HCM solutions available to employers, PeopleStrategy eHCM is specifically designed for mid-market companies who need a solution that will address their immediate pain points and grow with them as their needs evolve. PeopleStrategy eHCM is extremely flexible and scalable so clients can start with the core functionality they need now and then add capabilities they need in the future as their needs evolve.

PeopleStrategy eHCM clients enjoy several benefits which include but are not limited to:

  1. Future-proof Technology that is Built for the Cloud – eHCM is highly configurable (no coding necessary to make changes) and highly adaptable, ensuring each client’s solution is always using the latest technology
  2. Consistent User Experience Across All Devices – eHCM offers an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface, self-service and mobile access, which helps to increase employee and manager adoption while empowering the entire organization and reducing administrative costs
  3. Operationally Efficient – automation streamlines administrative processes while configurable workflows provide a more efficient process for approvals, notification and communication, eliminating paper and reducing operational costs
  4. Single Point of Entry / Single Database – data is entered into eHCM once and shared across the entire solution, reducing data entry errors and helping to increase data integrity; the ability to access and report on any data field in the system across all modules eliminates “spreadsheet hell” from point-solutions when generating reports
  5. Effective-Date Driven – eHCM provides the ability to not only drive future transactions but also to look back at the organization at any given point in time and generate point-in-time reports for deeper insight into the organization


Q: You’ve recently launched Mobile eHCM, tell us more?

A: We actually just released our second-generation mobile access, eHCM Mobile, which allows employees and managers to securely access important personal and company information as well as view and complete assigned tasks and approvals from any mobile device, at any time. For example, employees and managers can check their pay stub and W2 statements, request and approve time-off or view benefits from their phone. We will continue to enhance Mobile eHCM as we believe more and more work-related tasks will be conducted via mobile phones and tablets.

In addition to Mobile eHCM, we recently launched a new Training Module that enables companies to manage and track training throughout the organization. An integrated part of the eHCM Suite, the Training Module will continue to evolve as our clients tell us what features and functionality they need to effectively manage this increasingly important function.

These are just two examples of the continuous improvement PeopleStrategy is committed to providing to our clients. As always, we intend to remain tightly focused on enhancing our eHCM platform and continuing to position the solution as the most comprehensive, engaging HCM solution available in the mid-market.

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Q: PeopleStrategy has been named a 2013 & 2014 Top Workplace in Atlanta. What are your plans for the future?

A: PeopleStrategy is dedicated to providing our employees with a workplace where they feel appreciated, respected and professionally challenged. This is not only essential to our company’s success but also the right way to operate. Over the past two years, we have implemented programs such as Discretionary Time-Off (DTO) and mandatory sabbaticals that demonstrate our commitment to fostering true work-life balance for all of our employees. We will continue to explore opportunities to reward and recognize our employees and to provide them with the training and skills they need to further their careers.

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