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Printfection Helps Companies Create, Manage, And Distribute Branded Merchandise Anywhere In The World

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* – This article has been archived and is no longer updated by our editorial team –

Below is our recent interview with Ryan Campion, Head of Marketing at Printfection:

Ryan Campion

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Printfection?

A: Printfection is a swag management platform. We help companies create, manage, and distribute high-quality, branded merchandise anywhere in the world.

We make it easier to do things like:

· Send onboarding swag kits to new customers
· Ship swag quickly and headache-free to events
· Let sales reps send swag to prospect meetings
· Create fun employee swag to promote company culture

The promotional products industry hasn’t changed much in the past century, so we’re tackling it head on with self-service technology and customer care that go far beyond what most companies have experienced in the past.

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Q: Why is managing swag hard and how does Printfection make it easy?

A: It’s so manual, and measuring ROI is tricky.

Say you want to send out a welcome gift package to every new customer. Typically, you have to order the items and have them shipped to your office (or home, if you work remote). Then you need to package everything up and head to the post office to ship it out. Collecting shipping addresses can be a total pain, too.

Companies that go to events frequently end up with a horrendous swag closet, or “dungeon.” It’s difficult to keep it organized and to track inventory. Managing swag this way is frustrating and time consuming. People have better things to do.

Printfection saves you countless hours managing and shipping swag. We store your inventory for you, you always know how much stock you have, and with a few clicks you can ship your swag to any individual or location in the world. Event managers love it as we can neatly roll and label t-shirts and other sized-items so everything arrives at the tradeshow pre-sorted.

Finally, we integrate with marketing automation tools and CRMs like Salesforce, and offer comprehensive reporting that allows you to track the true ROI of your swag campaigns.

Q: What problems do you solve for your customers?

A: Besides cutting down the headaches and time wasted on packaging and shipping swag, we make it easy for customers to drive more leads, keep their customers happy, and be more successful at events.

We have customers who incentivize leads to fill out a form on their website with a free swag gift — you’d be surprised how well it works.

Sales reps send swag to get more people on demos and close key accounts.

Customer success managers send gifts to clients after they leave a positive review or participate in a case study.

People often forget how nice it is to receive something in the mail. We enable our customers to send love through swag at scale and turn it into a real revenue driver.

Q: How does printing and inventory work with Printfection?

A: We work with a myriad of promotional products suppliers who can get your logo on anything. Apparel, stickers, drinkware, electronics, hats, bags – we can brand it all.

Customers work with our Merchandise team to provide their artwork and get advice on what types of swag are in high-demand.

We’ll send them samples for approval, and then once they order, everything gets shipped to our fulfillment center. They can login into our platform at any time and see how much of each item they have available for their campaigns. When they want to ship something, it’s just a few clicks in the platform and off the items go.

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Q: Who are your primary clients?

A: We can work with any business that has a swag need. Many of our customers are small and mid-sized tech companies, though we also work across multiple industries and with large enterprises as well.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: In the past 100+ years, the promotional products industry hasn’t changed much.

We aim to be the new way for businesses across the globe to create and deliver stand-out swag at scale – and make it easy to measure success.

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