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ProEst – Innovative Construction Estimating Software

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ProEst is an innovative construction estimating software that combines the power of SQL with the intuitive look of Microsoft Office and offers a single solution for all estimating needs. Below is our interview with Jeff Gerardi, CEO of ProEst:


Q: How important is it for ProEst to be able to integrate with other software?

A: It’s very important as it lets our clients use the estimate data they spent valuable time creating throughout the job cycle after a job has been awarded.

Q: What other software can ProEst integrate with and how does this benefit your clients?

A: We integrate with various types of software including Accounting software, scheduling software, Project Management software as well as multiple material pricing services. It saves them time and cuts out any manual data entry into these integrated solutions.

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Q: What sets ProEst apart from its competitors?

A: A few things come to mind but the main concept that sets us apart is having a single solution for all estimating needs. All estimates stored and analyzed in a single database, complete cost estimating, digital takeoffs and the creation of sales proposals all built into a single product. And we back this with close to 40 years of construction experience.

Q: How has the construction industry changed the most since you’ve been involved with it and how has ProEst changed to keep pace with it?

A: I think the construction industry has evolved and is now taking part in a movement to collaborate and setup software systems that will ultimately make better work flow and at the end of the day higher profits with these improved processes.

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Q: How do you see the construction industry evolving in the future and how might ProEst evolve to stay relevant?

A: An even tighter integration and use of web based systems to access information 24/7 from any device at any time. ProEst is quickly moving in this direction and will make major announcements to the industry in the next 12 months.

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Q: What is the most important need your clients have when they are looking for construction estimating software and how has ProEst specifically addressed this need?

A: The ability to start today with pre-built material databases for their trade and the expertise to help them get started. Web based training and a support staff that can remotely help any contractor have been keys to our clients’ success.

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