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Business Management Platform Qebot Helps SMB’s Find And Manage Marketing And Operations Tools

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Written by: Matthew White, CEO and Co-Founder of Qebot


– The Qebot team –

Small and medium sized business owner have a lot on their plate that they need to manage on a daily basis. From web presence, social media, email marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO) to payroll, contact management and HR, and so much more, there are new tools and technologies coming to market on a daily basis to make managersmore effective at running their business. But where do these people go to find the right tools and manage it all in an efficient way? The truth is there is not a great way to browse, buy, and manage all of these systems in an easy way.

Enter the Qebot marketplace and platform. Qebot was developed by a team that has been working in the local and SMB industry, hailing from such companies as Facebook, Yodle, Goupon, and Intuit. Through years optimizing online marketing and operations for local business, and painstaking polling of thousands of companies and franchise business, we (the Qebot founders) realized there is a lot left to be desired by the business community.

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Most of the companies that we talked to knew that they needed to be doing better when it came to managing marketing and operations for their business. They understood that there were tools out there that would help them be more effective, but had no idea where to go to find and manage them all. We wanted to create a simple, yet powerful place for business owners and managers to search and buy tools and applications to help run their companies better.


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The marketplace allows for businesses to browse a number of different applications, and find the technologies they are looking for, or find new systems they didn’t even know existed. Once these tools are purchased through the platform, owners and managers can then operate these technologies through a single platform. No need to log into a dozen different portals, and check in on the ever growing amount of profiles and review sites across the web. Qebot brings it all together, and reduces the time needed on a daily basis to ensure businesses are being as productive and performance driven as possible.

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Moreover, through strategic partnership, Qebot brings some of the best technologies to the SMB, local, and franchise community at reduced pricing through scale and efficient implementation. Integrations with world-class providers like Mailchimp, Sendible, Synup, and others ensure that owners are getting the most out of the tools that they purchase, and that they are not getting second-hand technologies.

Last Updated on March 25, 2018

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