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Qorus Software – Making It Easier & Faster Than Ever To Create Superb Pitches And Proposals

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Qorus Software helps busy sales people create beautiful, personalized proposals and other client-facing content. Qorus Software solutions automatically pull a host of information stored in CRM systems, and other internal and external databases, into pre-created templates. Here is our interview with Ray Meiring CEO of Qorus Software:

Ray Meiring-CEO-Qorus Software

Q: Ray, tell us something more about Qorus Software, your history and core competence?

A: Qorus specializes in helping sales, marketing and bid support teams find a better way to create superb pitches, proposals and other client-facing content. Our solutions automatically pull a host of information stored in CRM systems, and other internal and external databases, into pre-created templates. Our goal is help busy sales reps create beautiful, personalised proposals themselves (rather than having to rely on the marketing department).

Q: What advantage does Qorus Software have over its competitors?

A: Our biggest advantages are the simplicity of our software (it works straight from Word and PowerPoint, so there’s nothing technical to learn), the fact that we offer a guided cart wizard (this allows users to ‘shop’ for pitch and proposal content quickly and easily) and the system’s highly-searchable content library (which is great for storing all sorts of content, including RFP answers).

The cloud instance of Qorus Breeze Proposals is hosted in the very secure Azure cloud – which also gives us an advantage.

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Q: Could you tell us more about Qorus Breeze Proposals’ key features?

A: There are a lot of great features (including those mentioned above), but for now I’d highlight:

Project Point: This is where proposal and RFP managers can track the progress of each project. Completed projects and associated documents are indexed and stored here for future reference.

Allocations: This feature allows users to highlight certain sections of content and allocate them to subject matter experts or other colleagues. The great thing with these is that you don’t need to leave the document to do this – the system automatically sends emails to those who have been allocated some content. And all they need to do is open the document and make the changes. As soon as they save, you can see what they’ve done.

Suggest it: This feature is designed to help users improve the content in their library. For example, I might be reading a product overview and notice that there are typos or inaccuracies. All I need to do it make my changes and highlight them with the ‘Suggest it’ button in the document I am working on.

Microsoft Office plug-ins: These plug-ins are installed in Word, PowerPoint and Excel and appear in the toolbar. They enable users to access Qorus Breeze Proposals without leaving the doc they’re in. They can search the content library, include content from it, allocate sections to colleagues and suggest new content for inclusion without having to log in to a separate portal.

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Q: What can we expect from Qorus Software in next six months?

A: We have some big plans in the works! We will be releasing a new version of our product with features that really improve collaboration on important sales documents. Customers in the legal, asset management and health insurance industry are really benefiting from our solution, so we are building some exciting industry-specific integrations for them.

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Q: How would you convince the reader to start using Qorus Breeze Proposals?

A: I’d ask them how long it takes their company to generate high-quality, personal proposals, pitches and RFP responses.

If they can do it in a couple of minutes and be proud of the end result, I’d know that they don’t need our solution.

But if they can’t, I’d ask ‘Why are you wasting so much time and energy when there’s a much easier way?!’

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