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Relovate Delivers All Inclusive Travel Trip Planning & Booking Manager With No Booking Fees

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Below is our recent interview with Charles Saldarini, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer at Relovate:


Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Relovate?

A: We are Trip Management for Travelers. Our first of its kind Trip Management Platform offers both the planning tools travelers need – option management, budgeting, itinerary creation and more – plus world – class travel brands at the best prices. Relovate provides a platform for the process people follow when planning travel, which is over time, in many sessions, from every device, and often with friends, family and colleagues.

Q: What are the benefits of using your platform?

A: Users can start a trip quickly, with just one click, from their smartphone. Trips can be started with locations, places or known addresses. As a result, any “spare moment” becomes a good time to start a plan, in a highly organized way. Key benefits include:

• Increased Convenience Relovate has integrated global transportation, accommodation, restaurants, activities, tours, attractions, destination insights and more into one single, ad free site.
• Instant Accessibility Relovate stores trips in a private, personal library, where they may be edited, changed, copied and collaborated trips from any device, at any time.
• Reduced Planning Efforts Relovate instantly and dynamically organizes and saves all searches and choices and bookings by precise location, which means eliminating the need to use multiple sites for trip planning or use spreadsheets or documents to organize travel.
• Faster Booking Relovate stores multiple traveler profiles, including loyalty program numbers and key contacts to streamline multi-party booking.
• Fewer Distractions Relovate is ad free and privacy protected, so trip planning progresses without annoying pop-ups, advertisements and also without cookies.

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Q: How is Relovate different from other travel sites?

A: Instead of using many different sites, scattering searches, saved options and prices which then need to be organized, typically with spreadsheets and documents, Relovate users can plan from one centralized application. Our tools for organizing, budgeting, collaborating and comparing are unique among all travel sites empower users to efficiently and conveniently plan with less frustration. Here’s a rundown:

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Q: What type of customer would benefit the most from your services?

A: Everyone travels. According to a 2017 State of Travel Report by comScore, 71% of the US internet population is thinking about a trip in the next 12 months, and 73% have traveled in the last 12 months. And those trips are for all sorts of different reasons. Relovate can support each of them.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: In early Fall 2018 we will introduce a subscription service. Subscribers will be rewarded with direct cash back on all their bookings. For example, a subscriber booking a 3-night stay at a $125/night, may receive $30 cash back, just for that booking. The cash back is unrestricted. Anyone interested in receiving updates about this option should visit our website and contact us. A small business solution will also be offered.

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