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Scan Recipes Allows You To Turn Barcodes Into Recipes

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A new mobile app Scan Recipes gives you the opportunity to be more creative in the kitchen. Scan Recipes allows you to be well on your way to having your own cookbook, without having to pay the price of a cookbook. Scan Recipes will also save you time when it comes to not just finding and sharing new recipes, but also keeping track of the ingredients that you currently have, in one place. Below is our interview with Brian Whyte, founder of Scan Recipes:

Q: How did the idea for the Scan Recipes come about, and when did you launch?

A: Scan Recipes actually launched in early February and we have been starting marketing the app in the beginning of March. The way I came about this idea is actually quite interesting. I have always been someone who had an interest in cooking and the problem I always had is that finding new recipes can sometimes be complicated.

I remember one time at work, I got in a conversation with coworkers about how technology has been changing and even something like refrigerators are becoming more high tech. As crazy as this sounds, I actually thought to myself, what if you could use your fridge to scan food or drink items and it would keep it in a list, so you always know what ingredients you have on hand. You can delete an item when you run out of it and add an item when you buy it. When it comes to grocery shopping, I always have a hard time remembering what items I still have left, whether it’s pasta, bbq sauce or anything else. So I combined the desire to have a barcode scanner to keep track of items by simply scanning them, along with my desire to use that to find new recipes in an easier way and that’s how Scan Recipes was born.

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Q: What are the biggest benefits for the users?

A: One of the biggest benefits for the users are the ability to scan barcodes of an ingredient, or manually enter an ingredient into a list of ingredients that is saved, anytime you want to use it. Instead of having to type words in a search engine every time you want to find a new recipes, for say chicken or eggs, you can click on that ingredient you already put in that list and in seconds, scroll through a variety of recipes that can be made with that ingredient. It also weeds out many different results you get in a search engine that might be unrelated to actual recipes. The app can even enhance your grocery shopping experience by allow you to find recipes to make, before you even get home.

Another huge benefit for the user is the ability to save the recipes they come across that they like, so that they can view them at any time. Over time, as the user keeps saving recipes they come across, they will basically have their own cookbook, right in their own pocket. Anytime the user is stuck trying to figure what they want to cook for themselves, or maybe a group of people, they can go back to the app and get the recipe that they already made and liked a lot. Recipes can also be shared in a variety of different ways and in my opinion, actually enhances the overall experience of cooking meals and discovering new ones, because if you have a friend or family member who has similar tastes to yours, chances are that they will like the ones you share.

Q: How does it work?

A: So you know the story of how the app got created and some of its benefits, so here’s how it works. When you click on the mobile app itself, you will see a screen with the big Scan Recipes logo and under it are the words ‘Touch to Scan.’ If you were to click on that button, you would actually be able to scan a barcode of a particular food item and the description of the item will appear. You can either press the save button and when you do, it automatically goes into the ingredients list. The button on the bottom of the screen that is next to the home button is your ingredients list. This is where all ingredients that are saved can either be viewed, or if you click on the plus button, new ingredients can be added.

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If the user wants to find a new recipe that can be made with that particular ingredient, just click and hold on to that ingredient and once that getting recipes… motion goes away, click on that magnifying glass button at the bottom of the screen, to look at the list of ingredients. Click on the left and right arrows to scroll through the ingredients. Click on the star to save it into your favorites list, the arrow in the middle to be taken to the actual directions on how to make them and the button on the right with the box and up arrow, to share that particular recipe.

In order to see all of your favorites, click on the star at the bottom of the screen on the all the way right. The great thing about this list is you can separate it by breakfast, lunch and dinner. In order to view a recipe, just click and hold and you can then view the recipe. Click on the arrow for directions, click on the recipe category button to change the category you want it under and you can even change the name of the recipe, by clicking on the name of it. When changes are done, just click the check button.

Q: What can we expect from you in the future? What are your plans?

A: In the near future, the main thing I am focused on is currently getting the user to know what Scan Recipes is and educating them on how it can enhance their life. We have a Facebook and Twitter page created, to release any type of news or important updates on what is going on with the app. In addition, as it gets popular, look into ideas such as having a “Recommended” type of screen, so that as you like certain items or save them in your favorites, it can recommend you new recipes, based on what you made and liked. Similar to how Netflix recommends you new TV shows or movies, based on what you like. Also the ability to create multiple ingredients lists, so that you can separate food types based on the type of ingredient it is, (vegetable, fruit, meat, dairy, etc.). I would love to be able to create a version for Android at some point, so that more people are given the opportunity to use Scan Recipes.

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Q: How would you convince the reader to start using Scan Recipes?

A: I think what it comes down to is marketing Scan Recipes in the best way possible, to show how it can make their life easier. You could have the greatest idea in the world, but if nobody knows about it, then you will get nowhere. If people were to ask me what makes Scan Recipes great, I would tell people that there are tons of recipe/cooking apps out there that already exist, but Scan Recipes has a very simple design, while at the same time has a whole slew of useful features. It is also one that is very visually appealing and gives you the opportunity to be more creative in the kitchen. Scan Recipes will also save you time when it comes to not just finding and sharing new recipes, but also keeping track of the ingredients that you currently have, in one place. There aren’t many apps like it. Scan Recipes allows you to be well on your way to having your own cookbook, without having to pay the price of a cookbook. I think that’s something that many readers will find appealing.

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