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Sell Your Used iPhones – Get Higher Prices for your Used Apple Products

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SellYourUsediPhones solves problem many online services have – low prices and unnecessary steps. Focusing on Apple Products exclusively, customers can easily sell their iPhones and iPads, for higher prices and with no hidden fees. Below is our interview with Matthew Starrett from SYUI:

SYUI-Matthew Starrett

Q: Matthew, what is SYUI and how does it work?

A: SYUI is a BuyBack service that deals exclusively in Apple Products. The company is geared towards providing a simple and profitable means of selling used iPhones and iPads. To use our service, customers simply select their device on the site, receive a quote, and place an order. Each order receives free shipping in the form of a prepaid shipping kit, or e-mailed Fedex label. Payment is issued within a day of the device arriving at SYUI. This entire process can take less than three days.

Q: How did the idea for the company come about, and when did you launch?

A: In Mid-2015, SYUI Founder and CEO, Eduardo Morales was looking for an online service to sell his used iPhone. When he realized the unfair and time consuming nature of available services, he was genuinely disappointed. Many sites offered very low prices, others required many unnecessary steps. Realizing selling online should be simple, SYUI was created. We knew we could limit the hassles of selling online by creating a simple process, while offering prices that people would actually be happy with. We received our first sales in August of 2015 as part of testing phase, but our official launch was Friday, February 5th.

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Q: How is the response to SYUI so far?

A: The response to SYUI has been very encouraging. During our testing phase, we refined our process with hundreds of customers, allowing us to gain crucial feedback. This feedback allowed us to improve and automate much of our process prior to launch. Although we were only in testing, many of our customers enjoyed our service and returned to use SYUI a second, even third time. Furthermore, during this time we began to see a steady stream of new customers, referred by previous users. We hope to see this level of support continue as we expand.

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Q: What are your plans for next six months?

A: SYUI has established itself as the price leader in a fragmented, multi-billion dollar market. As we look forward, we have identified the following goals. Foremost, we plan to further our online presence and brand awareness by increasing investment in marketing. Along with this, over the next six months we plan to expand our site to include two new features. We will build upon our current product line to include Mac computers and other Apple devices, and are implementing a section where people can buy directly from us. We want to establish ourselves not only as a premier buyback service, but as a destination for people looking to buy used apple products.

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Q: How would you convince the reader to start using SYUI?

A: SYUI has a competitive advantage over competition in two ways. First, we offer higher prices than our major competition. Second, we make selling simple. By automating key tasks and having a specialization on Apple devices, we are able to sustainably deliver prices higher than any other buyback service. More important than price, is that we make selling easy. SYUI was started with the idea that selling should be simple, and that is exactly what it is. In as little as three days, readers can earn top dollar by choosing SYUI when they upgrade.

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