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Startel Integrates With Leading Healthcare Technology Providers

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Headquartered in Irvine, California, Startel is a leading provider of unified communications, business process automation and performance management solutions and services for mid-size to large organizations. Today, Startel has customers in 43 states across the United States as well as Canada, New Zealand, and Switzerland. Below is our interview with Rachel Sauerbrey Hayes, Director of Marketing at Startel Corporation, about recently announced partnership, customers and plans for the future:

Rachel Sauerbrey

Q: Rachel, tell us something more about Startel Corporation, your history and your core competence?

A: Startel has been providing telephone answering services, contact centers, government agencies, healthcare systems, insurance and utility companies with contact center solutions and services since 1980. Our customers rely on Startel’s unified communications, business process automation and performance management solutions to increase operational efficiencies, improve agent performance and enhance the overall customer experience. Today, Startel has customers in 43 states across the United States as well as Canada, New Zealand, and Switzerland.

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Q: What’s the best thing about Startel Corporation that people might not know about?

A: Startel is well known among its customers, and the telephone answering service industry, for being open and transparent. While we have an open door policy and always encourage feedback from our users, we have come to really look forward to the group discussions that take place during our annual User’s Group Conference. Each year at the conference we hold an Ask Startel session. During this session, attendees have the opportunity to engage directly with Startel management, engineering, technical support, product development and training teams by asking any question they may have regarding the company, current or future product development, etc. Often times, what is discussed later becomes incorporated into future Startel product releases and/or feature enhancements. We believe our users are excited and encouraged by having a technology partner that listens to them and responds in ways that positively impacts their organization.

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Q: Startel recently announced a partnership with Parlance Corporation, tell us more.

A: Last May, Startel installed Parlance’s Operator Assistant at our office in Irvine, California. Implementation was quick and seamless and, it quickly became apparent to us that our healthcare users, especially the main number answering department within a hospital, could benefit significantly from such a product.

In Parlance, Startel sees a company with similar beliefs. We are thrilled about our partnership and excited to offer our healthcare clients with a complete contact center solution offering that guarantees results.

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Q: Who are your ideal customers and why?

A: Startel’s ideal customers are any mid-size to large organization that has a contact center, or answers calls on behalf of another company, and wants to increase agent productivity, improve operational efficiency, and elevate the caller experience.

Q: What can we expect from Startel Corporation in the future?

A: Startel is excited to announce that we are in the process of integrating with leading healthcare technology providers, including Avaya, Cerner, Cisco, and QGenda. We are also looking to expand our integration with TigerText to allow for two-way messaging. These integration partnerships will help to provide our users with best-of-breed solutions and a competitive advantage. Later this year we will unveil the launch of our new Agent Interface and Soft Switch solutions!

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