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SODA Introduces SDV Kit: Software Defined Vehicle 2x Faster, 4x Less Cost

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Below is our recent interview with Sergey Malygin, Chief Executive Officer at SODA.

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to SODA?

A: Automotive industry is facing a challenging situation.
Budgets per vehicle are decreasing. The traditional method of delegating tasks to 150+ suppliers and spending millions on each of them does not seem to be an effective solution. The bar was recently raised high by Chinese companies who demonstrated the skill to deliver a competitive product in a short time.

To stay competitive, automakers need a way to speed up vehicle creation and reduce development costs.

I am proud to present SODA – Software Defined Auto.

SODA introduces SDV Kit — the world’s first ready-to-use kit for making a Software Defined Vehicle 2x faster with 4x less cost, all without compromising on quality, safety, and security.

SDV Kit implements a practical approach to Software Defined Vehicles (SDV) with AI-powered engineering tools, flexible E/E Architecture, and Software Library with 200+ ready-to-use features, software and tests.

Q: Who is your ideal client and why?

A: SODA SDV kit is a great solution for a wide range of automakers including automotive startups, well-established OEMs, and retrofitters.

Automotive Startups benefit from the ability to start quickly and save their budget.
* They don’t have to pay huge upfront costs on expensive tools.
* They need smaller teams to operate.
* They get to their first vehicle prototype in a few weeks and can progress to a certified model evolving their concept in parallel with the development.
* They get everything they need from one window, optimized for speed and cost.
* They keep continuous improvement and upgrades and can offer a high degree of customization in their products.

Established Automakers benefit even more.
* For a medium size automotive OEM the savings can be tens of millions of dollars. And months and years of time.
* Automakers can test SDV approach safely from the main product line: learn the process and the tools, run a pilot program, demonstrate the value, and make a strategic decision.
* They can explore how software can be reused on multiple vehicle platforms.
* They get the ability to handle unlimited variations of a single vehicle platform, with a diversity of features and their offerings.
* They improve the process of quality assurance with early integration and virtual testing.

Retrofitters are enabled with the unique opportunity to alter original cars in specific zones, integrating software features to enhance user experience with unseen simplicity and low cost.

For Autonomous Vehicle companies, SODA offers a vehicle development platform, providing comprehensive access to vehicle functions.

All of the above is supported across a full range of vehicle types: cars, trucks, vans and buses, autonomous shuttles and sport cars.

Q: Can you tell us about your solutions?

A: SDV Kit is a versatile business solution suitable for a wide range of customers.

It includes everything needed to design and validate a Software Defined Vehicle:

1. Software Library with 200+ ready-to-use features, software and tests.
The Library covers everything from wipers and lights to advanced motion control and autonomous driving, validated and refined through the course of multiple certified vehicle programs.

Adoption for a vehicle program is smooth, saving years of engineering required to make it from scratch. Support and customization can be provided, if needed.

Each Vehicle Feature is a configurable package with multiple layers and elements interconnected with requirements traceability and design diagrams:
* Feature Requirements
* Feature Functional Architecture
* Feature Software Package
* Feature Validation Package

2. AI-powered automotive tools for software design and validation.
* SODA.Create — Unique Requirements Management with Software and E/E architecture enabling automated wiring, SW allocation, and assembly.

* SODA.Validate — Your Fast-Track to Certified Vehicle consolidating all your testing into a single solution, cutting infrastructure and development costs and maximizing software validation efficiency by impressive 150%.

* SODA.Sim — Your Virtual Proving Ground for seamless software validation of any vehicle, covering MIL-SIL-HIL testing and the entire process from initial concept through certification to aftermarket updates.

These powerful tools cover the full V cycle for your SDV on Vehicle / Features and Systems / Software levels.

3. E/E architecture and SODA-approved ECUs.

4. Vehicle and Systems Engineering services.
From drafting initial requirements to achieving vehicle type certification, SODA enables our customers to make it right from the first attempt.

Q: What can we expect from SODA in the next 12 months? What are your plans?

A: During the first year of its existence SODA achieved remarkable success by launching a series of great products: SODA.Validate, SODA.Sim, SODA AI Hub, SODA.Library, and SODA SDV Kit.

Our immediate plans include the initial release of SODA.Create along with the entire SODA V Suite. This comprehensive suite seamlessly integrates Requirements Management, Architecture, Software Design, and System and Vehicle Validation into a single, user-friendly yet powerful tool.

By consolidating these functionalities, our customers can avoid the complexity of dealing with 15 separate automotive tools. Instead, they’ll have a unified solution for their end-to-end use cases.

At the same time we are actively onboarding new customers, and exciting partnership announcements are on the horizon.

Q: What is the best thing about SODA that people might not know about?

A: SODA is not only about SDV.

SODA is also about AI.

Firstly, we integrate AI in all aspects of our work:
* AI-Driven Tools: Our suite of tools is equipped with AI Co-pilots and operates at a high level of automation. For instance, we employ AI to generate tests directly from requirements.

* AI in Vehicle Software: We recognize the immense potential of AI in controlling various vehicle systems. From calibrating parameters for complex models to integrating with smartwatches and managing climate control, AI usage becomes a reality.

* Automotive AI Hub: We were first to launch Automotive AI Hub — a public store of AI apps specifically tailored for automotive engineering. These tools support vehicle design, system engineering, software development, testing, validation, certification, compliance, and product marketing. Automotive AI Hub is fully accessible without any cost.

In our tools within SODA V Suite we use the same AI apps from the Hub, working with advanced models and proprietary datasets which give even better results.

Collaborative AI: Our multi-agent approach fosters collaboration among AI apps, each representing specific functions. These agents engage in dialogue and work together to create superior artifacts.

Finally we have 18 AI agents who work in SODA and help us to bring the future closer to today.

SODA commitment to SDV, AI and Digital Twin shapes the automotive landscape with innovation and efficiency.

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