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SpokeHub Raises $2M In New Funding To Empower People To Create The Conversations They Want

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* – This article has been archived and is no longer updated by our editorial team –

Spokehub recently raised $2M in Seed funding. Below is our recent interview with Taylor Glymph, VP of Marketing at SpokeHub:

Q: For those who have never heard of it, how would you describe SpokeHub?

A: SpokeHub is a better way to start AND keep the conversation going. We’ve brought chat rooms back. SpokeHub offers a genuine approach to bring the SOCIAL back to social media. Users (Hubsters) can create or join hubs (chatrooms) that center about topics that intrigue them. On SpokeHub’s platform you can see communities of people talking about the live scoreboard from their favorite college or professional game, what just happened on their favorite reality TV show, news and current events, or even millennials chatting it up and networking. SpokeHub is truly limitless. It empowers people to create the conversations they want. It’s your narrative.

Q: What was your first big breakthrough?

A: At SpokeHub we are always evolving always looking to get our name out there. Though the app launched through a private beta in June 2017 – the app as it looks and feels today was launched in April 2018. Therefore, from April to August we have garnered almost 50,000 users organically. We’ve had college campuses adopt SpokeHub for their student activities and campus communities; conferences and events love to use SpokeHub for engagement before during and after the event; and even influencers like Keisha Knight Pulliam and Malaysia Pargo have caught wind of what we are doing and the have become active users on the app. This showed us that our app is truly making people think about social media differently and they are finding value in our platform. Additionally, as we talk to some major global brands about our AR technology that drives conversation, time and time again it is being confirmed that SpokeHub is the wave of the future.

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Q: How does SpokeHub differ from similar social media companies?

A: At SpokeHub we are all about bringing engagement back! How many times have you found yourself scrolling on your timeline only to be stuck scrolling past pictures, memes, statements, or articles that don’t interest you. We find ourselves subscribed to online feeds and communities that don’t engage us on a consistent basis. At SpokeHub we are building communities around topics and people that interest you with a focus on keeping users engaged. We offer an Augmented Reality technology to drive engagement around exclusive content giving users an unprecedented experience. Virtual Reality (VR) uses the goggles to transform your world, with our Augmented Reality (AR) technology natively built into the app. Hubsters can pull their phone out and scan a related trigger image (logo, building, picture, etc) and then experience an exclusive video, hologram, or animation (like dancing next to your favorite Hawks player). But it doesn’t stop there! That experience will then lead hubsters to a hub that directly relates to the experience they just saw – all of which takes place directly in the SpokeHub app!

Q: How do people typically discover or become aware of your platform?

A: Mostly word of mouth! The unique thing about what we do at SpokeHub is that we partner with businesses to provide them with Augmented Reality Experiences, Real-Time Feedback, and Data on Demand. This allows them a unique opportunity to engage with their customers and get their feedback in real-time. Our enterprise efforts alone bring a lot of awareness to our platform. The opportunities we have had with the business we have partnered with has really helped with establishing and solidifying our platform. We have also done a few campaigns with influencers, conferences, and events that utilize SpokeHub for a fully immersive experience that has a life beyond the initial event. Hubsters introduced to SpokeHub through an event often find more topics that interest them and they continue to use SpokeHub after the initial introduction.

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Q: What can we expect from your team in the next six months?

A: Right now, our focus is on the AR SaaS and data on-demand enterprise solution we offer through SpokeHub. We recently finished an activation with the conference Social Media Day, San Diego, Atlanta Black Tech week, and Taste of Soul Atlanta. We also did an activation with the Atlanta Hawks. In our pipeline, we have a pending activation in Jamaica with the largest music distributor in the Caribbean as well as discussions and a few pending activations in the Southeastern U.S. with some major global brands. We are focused on generating revenue for the business, growing our users, and using our team to establish SpokeHub as a thought leader in the technology, digital reality industry.

Last Updated on December 29, 2018

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