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Stamplay – Create Web Apps Like You’re Building Legos

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Startup Stamplay enables you to create a fully fledged web applications without coding the back-end and forgetting the infrastructure. You don’t have to worry about backend, keeping up with API changes of services you’re using – Stamplay takes care of that, you just need to focus on making your apps awesome. Below is our interview with Giuliano Iacobelli, Co-Founder of Stamplay:

Giuliano Iacobelli_optQ: What is Stamplay?

A: Software is eating the world, but creating a web applications is still expensive and wastes a lot of time because it relies on many things like: infrastructure, integrate with services, build dashboards to manage the data, and writing code, a lot of code.

Today small teams can have big impact because software development has improved dramatically; think about startups like Stripe which created simple APIs that abstract away complex back-ends, or how infrastructure and hosting can be set up in minutes and with costs close to zero. Anyway developers still waste 50%+ of their time on menial tasks.

One day it will be considered funny that building Facebook required so much hard work. Building applications is going to be like snapping pieces together as is they were building blocks. We’re moving toward software as Legos. Building software will become a visual experience using natural language.

With Stamplay developers only need to focus on the client side of the app. Stamplay streamlines the development and management of web applications reducing most of the work to a matter of tenth of minutes instead of many days.

Software is not only eating the world, is eating software development and we are taking a shot at this big vision. We can democratize web development.

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Stamplay Startup

Q: How would you describe biggest benefits of using Stamplay?

A: Today, the majority of mobile and HTML5 apps are designed by splitting the development work between the device used by the user (the client side) and a remote server (backend side).

Building the server side of a new app is on the vast majority of the case reinventing the wheel and fight against well known problems meanwhile the client side is what really makes an app unique and necessarily needs to be handcrafted.

Not only, maintaining and scaling the server side while orchestrating the other services connected to it (Mailchimp, Facebook, Stripe, Twilio etc.) with their ever changing API is an endless work.

Thanks to Stamplay and its visual programming language developers can stop worrying about the whole backend side and, unlike other services around, make even lighter the development of the client side.

Stamplay brings together building blocks and services API in a way that developers only need to pick them and define rules like “When a user sign up with Facebook, send him a welcome email” or “”When a user submit this form, assign him 10 points, and if he gets to 100 points reward him with a badge”. Super easy.  Apps go instantly up and running, the platform stores the data, expose the API for the app and automatically generates the backend for data management. Doing so developers can focus on the client side that is what’s really makes unique an app.

With Stamplay developers build 90% of their app in 10% of the time, we like to say that we let them build Rome in a day.

Stamplay dashboard

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Q: How big your team is at the moment?

A: 2 founders + 4 devs.

Q: How are you funded?

A: We raised a pre-seed round a year ago and entered Seedcamp last September. Now we are raising a £150k angel round to further boost our operation and grow the product.

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Q: Do you have any new features in the pipeline? What are your plans?

A: We are growing the product so that it will provide more turn-key features like follow/friendship, activity streams, messaging and other social actions. Moreover with this we’re adding other third party integrations like Stripe, Zendesk and Twitter.

We look forward to rollout our developer program so that anyone will be able to build on the foundation of our platform and earn money by selling app recipes to other users looking for ready-to-go solutions. Pretty much the same thing that today is happening with WordPress and Themes.

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