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Startup Caboh – Makes Work More Enjoyable!

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Startup Caboh works on mission to create engaging experiences that connect coworkers in a more personal way. Interview below is with Alicia Barron, from Caboh team:

Alicia Barron, Co-Founder of startup CabohQ: What is Caboh?

A: Caboh is a cloud-based application that combines connectivity and productivity tools in one personalized platform. Caboh gives coworkers the opportunity to connect with each other and their company in a more personal and engaging way. Caboh naturally promotes the sharing of information, documents, and employee milestones because these are the social currencies that drive and engage team members in a business network.

Q: Who do you see as your primary target audience?

A: Caboh is a connection tool for virtual workforces – work-from-home professionals, cross team collaborations, teams who work across multiple offices, creative teams and sales professionals to name a few.

Q: Could you present team behind Caboh?

Brian Traudt is our Vice President Strategy & Business Development. He spent the last 3 years at Bypass Mobile as VP of Client Services and focused on implementing modern payment systems for sports & entertainment venues. Before Bypass, Brian founded a SAP consulting company, which he sold after 8 successful years.

Tyler Pugh is our lead software developer. He graduated from St. Edwards University here in Austin with a BA in Computer Science. He also works with a music promotion network called Scoremore.

– I am (Alicia Barron) sales and customer care representative. I am originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, but graduated from St. Edwards University as a theater major. I began my musical theater career as a performer and choreographer in both Los Angeles and New York, NY.

– Haley Campbell is our marketing and lead generation guru for Caboh. She moved to Austin after graduating from the University of Houston with a BBA in Marketing.

Logo of startup Caboh

Q: When do you plan to launch it?

Officially, December 1, 2014. We have a private beta trial from September 1 – December 1, 2014.

Q: How would you describe biggest benefits of using Caboh?

Caboh strives to make work a more enjoyable experience by connecting coworkers and companies in a more personal and engaging way. Caboh enables a leaner, more collaborative workforce and culture with greater transparency and accountability from a single dashboard.

We believe:

  • Work should be more personal and enjoyable.
  • All employees should know what is happening in their company on a daily basis.
  • The more employees personally interact with their company, the more likely they will become engaged.
  • Communication should be fluid, frequent and multi-directional.
  • Employees should feel valued and appreciated.
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