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Vidtok – Allows Anyone To Add Live Video Chat To Website Or App

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How important it is for customers to have one-on-one relationships with the businesses that they purchase products, services or other appliances from? You could say, that with currently technological breakthroughs and advancements, we’re very close to have real-like experiences with our customers, trough our computer screens. Which is wonderful, and it is great to see companies taking the initiatives to help this technology grow.

Vidtok offers its customers an amazing product that will enable them to install and utilize a live video chat technology that will accelerate and amplify the customer feedback the given business is receiving. Vidtok is a Software as a Service (SAAS) platform that allows anyone to add live video chat to their website or application.

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You could try and rely on a service like Google Hangouts, which is not bad at all, but it does provide a bit of a gap between live and direct interaction with your customers. On top of that, Vidtok is working hard to provide you with intelligent and resourceful analytic data of how the platform is being used on your website – helping you to make better adjustments and choices when it comes to customer service.

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Vidtok comes equipped with 3 modes for easy integration into your website or application. Vidtok seamlessly injects into your current user flow providing users with an uninterrupted user experience that will increase your audiences engagement with your content. Designed to work gratefully within branded environments, Vidtok gives you a level of features unseen before now.

On top of that, it does provide support for WordPress based websites as well, as a 3rd party plugin. Vidtok is keen on helping you to make the best out of its product – by giving you the ability to discuss further changes to style, features and other similar enhancements to make your live video chat experience as rich as possible.

This is not the first time we’re hearing of Vidtok here on SuperbCrew, back in May – we concluded an interview with the CEO, Lantre Barr, who went into a little bit deeper discussion about the product and what the future is holding for it.

It does offer a free 7 day trial to give you a fairly timed trial run to see whether your business is in need of something like Vidtok provides.

Vidtok - Live Video Chat

The WebRTC project has been around for a couple of years, it’s a major advancement in the field of high-definition video and audio streaming and it aims to provide native support for all of the major web browsers today. It does not come as a surprise to learn that Vidtok is taking the full advantage of this particular technology, and you can expect to experience rapid developments on both sides of these projects. WebRTC is maintained by Google.

Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) brings Vidtok to life using native JavaScript APIs that are included in your web browser. WebRTC gives Vidtok the ability to provide high-definition video and audio streams directly from within your own branded application without the need to download and install any software or plugins. WebRTC is built on top of the new HTML5 specifications giving Vidtok the ability to embed directly into any web application.

It’s exactly what we were talking about at the beginning of this review, Vidtok is working hard to provide the best possible experience to their clients; which is ultimately what it is all about.

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