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StoreConnect Secures $9M To Revolutionize E-Commerce For SMBs

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StoreConnect - Complex eCommerce made simple

The E-Commerce Landscape A Dichotomy

The e-commerce sector has traditionally been split into two distinct categories complex setups that require significant financial investments and external assistance, and seemingly simple plug-and-play solutions that often become unreliable over time. StoreConnect, under the leadership of its visionary CEO Mikel Lindsaar, aims to bridge this gap.

Addressing the Challenges Faced by SMBs

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) often find themselves grappling with the intricacies of the e-commerce world. A staggering 34% of online stores disappear within their first year, with an average lifespan of just 143 days. The plethora of plugins and apps available further complicates the decision-making process for SMBs, leading to slower page loads and a compromised user experience.

StoreConnect’s Innovative Solution

StoreConnect, founded in 2017, offers a comprehensive e-commerce solution that addresses the challenges faced by SMBs. By focusing on Customer Commerce, the platform enables businesses to connect with a broader range of customers, revolutionizing their interactions and transactions. Built on the globally recognized CRM platform, Salesforce, StoreConnect has garnered the support of over 60 Salesforce Solution Integration partners in just two years.

A Seed Round to Remember

StoreConnect’s commitment to transforming the e-commerce landscape for SMBs has attracted significant investor attention. The company recently announced a $9 million seed funding round, led by Bellini Capital. Arnie Bellini, the co-founder and former CEO of ConnectWise and the current managing partner of Bellini Capital, expressed his confidence in StoreConnect’s potential to reshape e-commerce for SMBs.

The Road Ahead

With the funds raised, StoreConnect plans to expand its global footprint, enhance its technology, and grow its partner network. The company’s mission is clear to establish itself as the go-to e-commerce solution for SMBs worldwide.

Mikel Lindsaar, the CEO and Founder of StoreConnect, is a seasoned technology entrepreneur with a track record of building and selling successful SaaS companies. StoreConnect’s primary goal is to empower SMBs by freeing them from the constraints of traditional e-commerce solutions. The platform’s unique approach ensures that businesses can scale seamlessly, without the need to switch platforms, regardless of their growth trajectory.

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