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TeleSense Closes $6.5M Series A Funding Round To Help Manage Environmental Risks In The World’s Food Supply Chain

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TeleSense provides Industrial IoT, real-time environmental monitoring solutions for grain and food production, storage and transport. Below is our recent interview with Naeem Zafar, Co-Founder and CEO at TeleSense:

Naeem Zafar

Q: What is TeleSense?

A: We help manage environmental risks in the world’s food supply chain. We automate data collection and wirelessly upload and analyze it. Whether assets are at rest or in motion, using cloud-based technology, TeleSense enables enterprises to monitor the environmental conditions in real-time. Our solutions help eliminate human error, improve operational efficiency, ease the burden of regulatory compliance, and increase profitability.

Q: Who is your ideal client and why?

A: TeleSense sells to grain storage and transport companies, grain elevators and farmers collectives. Ideal customer is a company with dozens of storage facilities that are spread-out and they would want to streamline the operations. Growers who have a lot of storage but no installed temperature cables (or with cables but still manual reading of the temperature to identify the hot-spots).

Our products convert old cable system to wireless and collects data automatically and if there is no current infrastructure we can allow data collection using our very affordable SensorBalls.

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Q: You have recently raised $6,5M, could you tell us more about your recent funding round?

A: TeleSense was able to create a very interesting set of investors. In addition to two Ag-centric venture funds we were able to add the world’s largest transportation services company (Maersk), world largest Ag-bank (Rabo-Bank) and world largest grain brokers (McDonald Pelz through their investment arm Trailhead Capital)

We think that this collection of investors will allow us to rapidly build the right company solving the right problem using latest Silicon Valley technology such as IoT (Internet of Things) and AI.

Q: What makes TeleSense unique in the market?

A: TeleSense is applying AI and IoT to disrupt an old industry that has not been touched by technology. Our AI-based platform will enable us to do several things in the future. We are a company that is using the data to provide insights to an industry that is worldwide and huge.

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Q: How do you see future of TeleSense?

A: We think if we can show significant savings and better prospect of profits we should do well. Many industries will be transformed by use of Big Data and AI-based tools. Food and grain is a worldwide industry and with $12B to $14B of waste in today’s supply chain we have a bright and promising future as we execute our business plan.

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