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The Q&A With Founder And CEO Of Upsie, Clarence Bethea

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Upsie is completely changing the way warranties and service contracts work. Below is our recent interview with Clarence Bethea, the Founder and CEO of Upsie:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Upsie?

A: Unlike the traditional warranty industry, we are making warranties more accessible to the consumer with a clear price advantage, more transparent through an easy to use website and more customer friendly with a clear emphasis on service through every aspect of our business.

Q: Clarence, what’s wrong with the warranty market the way it is?

A: The warranty industry has gone unchecked for too long. There is a lack of transparency, high pressure sales tactics, and confusing claims information, all to the detriment of consumers. Even as consumer expectations have changed in how they want brands to interact with them, the warranty industry has been unresponsive and continued to charge high mark-ups that only benefit retailers. Upsie is addressing these pain points and is the new way to warranty.

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Q: How exactly do Upsie warranties work?

A: The process is very simple. You purchase a warranty on for one of your snazzy new devices / appliances. You will then receive an activation email. You upload your proof of purchase (receipt) and your warranty is now active. Even better, Upsie holds on to your receipts so that no claim is ever denied because you misplaced / cannot find your receipt. You can also use the Upsie app to scan your product in the store, compare warranties and purchase.

Q: How do you manage to keep the prices so low compared to other warranties we’re offered elsewhere?

A: By going direct to the consumer, Upsie is able to achieve efficiencies in the value chain without sacrificing coverage. We do not have the 900% markup that some competitors charge for warranties. One of our founding principles is that we want to make warranties more accessible and this goes a long way towards making that happen.

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Q: What are some of the main objectives for Upsie in 2020 and how do you plan to achieve them?

A: We launched fitness warranties in March in response to the increase in consumers using at-home exercise equipment such as Pelotons, ellipticals and treadmills.

We are constantly expanding into new markets (we have some exciting news coming later this year!) and consistently improving our existing protection plans so that many more customers can benefit from having Upsie plans.

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