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The Transformative Experience Of Traveling Alone: A Deep Dive Into Recent Data

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The Rise of Solo Travel

The allure of solo travel has captured the hearts and minds of many, offering a unique blend of self-discovery, cultural immersion, and the joy of meeting new people. A recent nationwide survey, analyzed and released by Scott and Yanling Sidders, sheds light on the transformative experiences that solo travel brings to the forefront.

Survey Insights: The Solo Traveler’s Preferences

  1. Solo Travel Tops the List: Among various life experiences, such as visiting Hawaii or exploring foreign countries, traveling alone has emerged as a standout. The survey, which collected 2088 open-ended responses from 522 US consumers, emphasized the enriching experience of solo travel.
  2. Domestic vs. International: While 68% of respondents recommended visiting places within the US, with Hawaii leading the pack, there’s a significant inclination towards international travel. Italy, Japan, France, Australia, and Greece emerged as top international destinations, underscoring the American desire to explore diverse cultures.
  3. Budget and Travel Choices: When presented with a hypothetical $15,000 travel budget, respondents showcased a strong preference for distant regions, moving beyond the usual proximate destinations like Mexico and Canada.

Personal Journeys: Scott and Yanling’s Take on Solo Travel

Scott Sidders, Co-Founder of Scott & Yanling Media Inc., stated, “Traveling alone ranked surprisingly high, with many people saying there’s just something so freeing about going out on your own and not being tied to what other people want to do. Remember, traveling alone isn’t the same as being alone while you travel. While people agreed that traveling with friends and family is great, many found that on their own, they were more inclined to meet new people and immerse themselves in local cultures and that it was an experience everyone should try at least once in their lives.”

Yanling Sidders, the other half of the dynamic duo, added, “The solo travel trend lines up with our personal experiences quite well. My husband Scott came to China on his own, and through that trip, our early relationship formed, eventually leading to our marriage and inspiring us to create our travel website, You never know where a solo trip can take you and who you might meet on those adventures.”

Scott & Yanling Media Inc.: Making a Difference Beyond Travel

Scott and Yanling Sidders are not just advocates for solo travel; they are living testimonies of its transformative power. Their platform,, offers a plethora of travel articles, city guides, and insights, aiming to inspire and guide fellow travelers. Beyond their travel endeavors, the couple is also deeply committed to charitable causes, notably supporting Pencils of Promise, an organization dedicated to providing education to children in underdeveloped countries.

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