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Tipping made Easy with new tipping app,

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Written by: Dan Roberts, from;



Picture this: you’re finishing up the best first date of your life. As you walk your potential new love to her car and offer to tip the valet, you feel your cheeks quickly turn a shade of red as you realize that you have no cash. Or, you’re thanking your favorite hair stylist for another amazing job – especially since she squeezed you in for your hair emergency. You want to leave her a larger tip than usual to show your appreciation however; you fill with embarrassment as you realize you only have your credit card. With the increase in credit & debit card use and the decline of consumers carrying cash, this type of situation is all too familiar amongst society. Thankfully, the new tipping app,, is making e-tipping a common practice. Tipping made easy, is the first peer-to-peer mobile payment application that allows people to tip service professionals, or pay individuals, with their phone.

Founded by Stephen Campbell and Tim Baldwin, both serial entrepreneurs with a passion for solving analog problems with modern technology, it seemed natural for the duo to create an app that intertwines the practice of tipping with advanced cell phone technology. Stephen co-founded MiCamp Solutions, an acquiring payment processor in 2007, while Tim was the CIO of AST Capital Trust (acquired by Wilmington Trust.) Upon meeting, their complimentary skill sets and passion for everything tech-related led to the development of the new tipping app. eliminates the need to exchange personal information, like phone numbers, email addresses, bank details and credit cards, and offers users the capability to tip anyone, anywhere by simply taking a picture of their smiling face, using’s patent pending Face Tip technology. Alternatively, if both users are registered, a tipper can use’s location-based Quick Tips menu to select the tippee and provide the tip. Tippers can also rate and review individual service professionals with Yelp-like reviews. secures all financial data with 256-bit encryption, the highest-level encryption available, so all transactions are 100% secure. For extra security, the photos are used to ensure the correct person receives the payment. works with PayPal and all major banks in the United States to ensure quick processing times so users receive tips in 1-2 business days.

“Mobile is the way of the future,” said Stephen. “We are thrilled for the chance to grow and expand the knowledge on tipping made easy.”

So, what are you waiting for? Get tipping!


Last Updated on August 12, 2015

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