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Twin Prime Makes Mobile Apps Fast, Anywhere In The World

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Redwood City, CA based Twin Prime has developed mobile-first data acceleration solution that complements your existing CDN and offers unlimited optimizations for each device, app and location. Twin Prime is the only data acceleration solution that addresses the problems introduced by mobile networks. The company has recently announced $9.5M in new funding. Below is our interview with Sajal Sahay from Twin Prime:

Sajal-SahayQ: Could you tell us Twin Prime startup story?

A: Twin Prime makes mobile apps fast, anywhere in the world. Our mobile acceleration solution can double content delivery speeds for mobile devices. It’s a simple frictionless service, that can be deployed within minutes to dramatically enhance the user experience for mobile apps.

The company was co-founded by Kartik Chandrayana CEO, and Satish Raghunath CTO. In March ‘15, we announced a $9.5M Series A funding, which will be used to accelerate our product development, marketing and sales efforts. We have a total of 22 employees, a number that is growing with each passing month. Each member of our team brings a deep set of experiences, in mobile, networking and Saas technologies.

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Q: What is actually Twin Prime?

A: When Kartik and Satish thought about naming the company, they wanted something that reflects a broader quest. So they started looking for math problems that inspired curiosity. One of their friends suggested the Twin Prime conjecture, which states that there are infinitely many pairs of twin primes — prime numbers that have only one number between them, like 11 and 13, or 17 and 19 — and which was an unsolved problem at that time. The name appealed to both of them as a simple, easy-to-recall and meaningful name. Incidentally, the proof of the conjecture has since been discovered.


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Q: How does it work?

A: Twin Prime is the only acceleration solution that addresses the problems introduced by mobile networks. This is important because there is no one-size-fits-all answer for optimizing mobile performance. In fact, the correct answer for solving mobile performance is “it depends”. It depends on the type of device, geographic location, whether WiFi, LTE or another network is being accessed, among other variables. The best way to answer the “it depends” question is to determine the appropriate answer for that specific user session. This is where Twin Prime comes in — our unique Global Location and Context-based Acceleration Strategy (GLAS) technology conducts automated hypothesis testing for each user session, and then automatically selects and deploys a customized optimization strategies to improve content delivery for that session. These strategies are designed to be specific to wireless network characteristics and operating conditions including device, application architecture, network type, quality and location.

What are biggest benefits of using Twin Prime? Who can benefit the most from your services?
Mobile devices have emerged as the primary way for most people in the world to gain access to content, and this is especially true in developing countries. The average person spends greater than 3 hrs per day on a mobile device. 86% of time spent on mobile devices is via apps, and the sad reality is that mobile apps are at least 3x slower than websites viewed on desktops/PCs. So, fast and responsive apps are of critical importance for users to have a positive experience — experience that directly translates into more time in app, more content consumed, and more transactions completed.

We feel that our solution will benefit all industry verticals, especially companies that have mobility as a key growth vector. In the immediate future, we are focused on the Mobile Advertising, m-Commerce, Travel, Hospitality and Social Media sectors, as growth in user engagement for these organizations has an immediate and significant impact on revenue.

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Q: What is GLAS?

A: Global Location and Context-based Acceleration Strategy, or “GLAS” is the core of our intellectual property. The role of GLAS within our solution is to look at a lot of measurements and data to churn out machine-driven performance hypotheses. These performance hypotheses look at variables like network type, time of day, performance, signal strength, handset type, etc. and assess their impact on performance. GLAS then creates and recommends strategies from these hypotheses which are then used by the device and cloud base assets to improve performance of the app.

Q: What can we expect from your team in next 6-9 months?

A: Our plans are simple — over the next 6-9 months and beyond, go live with more customers across multiple geographies, generate more case studies with these customers and importantly, educate the market about fast mobile apps and the positive effect they have on user engagement, conversion, and ultimately revenue. Given our early investments in points-of-presence across the world, we feel confident that we’re equipped to handle the needs of this growing customer base — wherever they are from!

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