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Listen to this article is America’s leading on-demand roadside assistance service. Designed for the on-demand economy and the connected car revolution, is providing the fastest, safest and most innovative roadside assistance experience – all without a subscription or membership fee. is a cost effective alternative to traditional subscription-based auto clubs. Over 200,000 drivers across America have found better roadside assistance service through In addition, millions of drivers have direct access to through its integration in a broad range of mapping and connected car platforms. Below is our recent interview with Chris Spanos, Co-Founder and CEO of


Q: Chris, could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to

A: – the leading global digital roadside assistance platform – is reinventing the roadside assistance market to the benefit of premier global brands, roadside assistance professionals, and consumers. delivers the quickest, safest, and most innovative roadside assistance services and technology through its branded and white label products in the North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific regions.

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Q: What’s’s story?

A: is changing forever the roadside assistance market – and delivers assistance through:

• Premier global automotive, insurance, mapping, and parking brands by providing unmatched roadside assistance service to their customers along with more data on and better insight into the performance of their roadside programs.
• Roadside assistance professionals who can quickly see and respond to jobs closest to them, increasing their revenue and profitability while freeing them from the low rates and poor treatment by the legacy industry providers.
• Direct-to-consumer, on-demand service to drivers at their moment of need – all without subscription or membership fee. lets drivers track their service provider’s progress and ETA in real-time on their smartphone. It is the only roadside assistance service with FamilyViewSM that allowing families to know instantly if their loved ones have requested help and monitor the arrival of the service provider in real-time on their phone as well.

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Q: What makes a good choice?

A: People are not happy with the old way of roadside assistance – paying $100 or more for auto club memberships year after year (plus more for family members and caregivers) whether they use it or not. And then they often can wait and wait when they need help, not really knowing if or when the tow truck will actually show up. offers a revolutionary and better way. In addition to direct-to-consumer on-demand service for which drivers pay only when they use the service, also provides fast and safe roadside assistance services and technology through its branded and white label products around the world.

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Q: What are your plans for next 6-9 months?

A: is continuing to expand its branded and white label product worldwide. That’s why it’s the fast-growing roadside assistance platform.

Q: What’s the achievement is most proud of?

A: has assembled an outstanding team that is furthering our mission to reinvent the roadside assistance marketplace for the betterment of consumers, our partners and roadside assistance service providers around the world.

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