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Fittery: Eliminating the Hassles in Finding Clothes That Fit

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Written by: Greg Vilines, Founder of Fittery

Shopping for clothing can be really hard. We’ve all had to spend hours walking the mall or department store, trying to find the things that hit that sweet spot of style, budget, and most importantly, how well things fit. That experience is tiring at best and incredibly frustrating at worst. And yet, shopping for clothing online remains stubbornly difficult. Shoppers can easily rattle off their concerns:

● I’m afraid to shop online at all; I just know I have to go to the store.
● I don’t trust online shopping
● I always have to return the things I buy

The culprit?


Fit is the driving factor behind a lack of consumer confidence in online shopping and the #1 cause for item returns. And retailers know this too….fit is the #1 driver of brand loyalty among consumers and represents billions of dollars in lost sales opportunities and shipping costs.

So if fit is so important to how shoppers select the right clothes, and it’s a huge concern for brands, why hasn’t anyone solved this problem? We couldn’t agree more….

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Fittery: the online marketplace to find perfectly-fitting clothes is a new online marketplace using proprietary technology to help guys find perfectly-fitting clothes. Our unique matching process takes information about a user’s size, shape, and fit preferences and matches it in real time to brands and items that fit them best. Shoppers can then compare items on price, shipping, and now for the first time, fit. This mirrors what shoppers do IRL, only simplifies it into a glance instead of a process that takes hours.

So how does it actually work?

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Step 1: Tell Us About Your Size and Shape

Give us 5 minutes to share some information about you and your measurements. Don’t worry, it’s simple, and once you do it, you can shop for perfectly-fitting clothes across all our products.

Step 2: Shop For Clothes That Fit You Best

Shop and compare across all our brands to find clothes that fit you best. Each item is rated across all the key points of measure so you know exactly how each will fit.

Step 3: Buy from Brands You’ll Love

Once you’ve found great fitting products for you, we’ll link you directly to those items on the brand’s site to check out. We’ve already signed up some fantastic brands, including J.Crew, Express, Bonobos, Club Monaco, Lands’ End, and more.

Fittery: a smarter way to shop!

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Where are we now and where are we going?

We just launched several weeks ago and are excited about the traction we’ve made thus far. We have some of the best menswear brands signed up for our initial category of men’s button-front shirts and accessories. We’re wrapping up our first investment round in October. And we have even more features coming:

Easy body measurement capture. So you don’t have to get off your couch.
Universal shopping cart. You won’t have to leave our site to buy.
More brands. We’re in the process of loading up more brands as we speak.
More clothing categories.

Just go to and we’ll send you a free measuring tape to get started! And if you’re a retailer looking to find the most effective new advertising channel, we’d love to talk to you.

Last Updated on February 4, 2017

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