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Vantage Circle Is A Global Employee Engagement And Wellness Platform

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Below is our recent interview with Partha Neog, CEO at Vantage Circle:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to your company?

A: Vantage Circle is a Global Employee Engagement and Wellness Platform that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver easy-to-use and effective employee engagement solutions to HR to retain & attract the best talents and create a great work culture.

The company’s suite of solutions, namely, Vantage Rewards, Vantage Perks, Vantage Pulse, and Vantage Fit, is designed to address the conscious need to enhance workforce productivity by presenting a great employee experience.

Our Products

Vantage Rewards

Vantage Rewards is a powerful SaaS-based reward and recognition platform that is easy to use and makes the employee recognition process easy, fun, cost-effective, and globally accessible. Enable your organization to recognize and appreciate in a meaningful yet seamless way with Vantage Rewards.

Vantage Perks

Vantage Perks is a comprehensive employee benefits platform that provides exclusive corporate deals, discounts, and cashback on a global catalog of top online and offline brands. Prioritizes your employees’ financial well-being by enabling them to save money with Vantage Perks.

Vantage Pulse

Vantage Pulse is a powerful employee survey tool that lets you collect, measure, and act on real-time employee feedback. Uncover actionable data, predict employee behavior and get an accurate picture of your organization’s employee engagement levels with Vantage Pulse.

Vantage Fit

Vantage Fit is an AI-based corporate wellness platform that enables organizations to nurture a healthy workforce by enabling a gamified wellness experience for a diverse workforce. Meet your workforce’s wellness needs through team events and incentivize health achievements with Vantage Fit redeemable reward points.

Q: Any highlights on your recent announcement?

A: Vantage Circle announced a strategic investment in Qarrot, a complete employee recognition solution for small to mid-sized businesses.

Vantage Circle aims at shaping an inclusive work culture and build winning work cultures across the Globe through innovative AI-powered employee engagement solutions. Its suite of solutions, namely, Vantage Rewards, Vantage Perks, Vantage Pulse, and Vantage Fit, is designed to address the conscious need to enhance workforce productivity by presenting a great employee experience.

Qarrot is an employee recognition software solution that helps companies improve team morale, strengthen workplace culture, and drive higher performance. Qarrot provides companies with less than 1000 employees with a modern and easy-to-use platform to recognize their employees.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your offering?

A: Vantage Circle is hosting a Virtual Press Conference to announce their strategic investment in Qarrot. The press meet will be held online over zoom on 12th May 2022 at 12 PM EST, and we’ll be joined by the Founders of both Qarrot and Vantage Circle, where they’ll address our esteemed guests from the media about the way forward for both organizations globally and will also be open for any live questions.

Vantage Circle’s strategic investment in Qarrot will bring enhanced employee engagement for small and medium-sized businesses and increase the overall employee experience.

Vantage Circle’s strategic investment in Qarrot brings together two trusted players in the employee recognition market, striving to transform the employee experience scenario. We believe in Qarrot’s mission to strengthen the workplace culture and values. The synergy between the two companies will help create greater efficiency and serve more clients across the globe, including North America and Europe.

Q: What can we expect from your company in next 6 months? What are your plans?

A: Vantage Circle has evolved as a brand and we have marked our global presence. With our international marketing team in place, we plan to go global and acquire and expand our reach in the US and Europe regions.

Having said that, we do believe in having a diverse approach. Thus, we aim to expand our business in Latin American countries and make our brand accessible to people worldwide. We intend to make our brand multilingual to cater to the diverse Indian audience and internationally.

Once we achieve these accolades, we plan on approaching and onboarding Amazon as our leading reward partner. This will be a milestone for the entire Vantage Circle family. Alongside this, we are planning to diversify our reward options to cater to the needs of various internal clients.

Lastly, we cannot forget our wellness platform that is Vantage Fit. We plan to expand our reach to enterprise clients and spread awareness about employee wellness and health. It is time companies start valuing employee wellness and mental health, and we believe Vantage Fit can bridge that gap.

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Q: What is the best thing about your company that people might not know about?

A: Vantage Circle believes in transparency. Our ultimate goal is to keep all our colleagues engaged, motivated, and goal-driven as an employee engagement platform. But many companies do not know the secret to maintain a great company culture.

Well, we do regular team lunches, office gatherings, and parties like any other workplace. We also provide medical coverage for our employees. But what people don’t know about us is that; we constantly promote peer appreciation using our own recognition platform. We do not hesitate to praise good work, and we do it impartial and unbiased. We use our products judiciously, from rewards and recognition to employee surveys. Also, all our employees use our Vantage Fit employee wellness app to keep track of their health and maintain good mental health. And we promote the same throughout the workplace.

We do not look for the “right fit.” Rather we seek someone who can add culturally. We believe training and mentoring give you experience. So, instead of just looking for the right fit, we look for candidates who can align with our culture, even if freshers.

We are ardent believers in workplace equity. Yes, that’s the key to achieving a great company culture. Equal rewards and recognition and employee perks are necessary to show your gratitude towards employee contribution. You do not have to claim you’re diverse and inclusive, but you automatically become one when you do so.

We hire diversely and welcome people from various backgrounds, cultures, and sexualities to ensure we get a diverse pool of talent. When we do so, we see employees coming up with varied perspectives that shape their decision-making at work with an innovative perception.

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