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Viamour Answers The Question: How To Stop Being Single?

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Viamour’s main goal is to solve the problem of loneliness by providing the best and simplest way to meet other singles. To avoid the typical difficulties of the online dating process, Viamour’s team worked hard to develop a place for singles to introduce and meet themselves in an easy way. Now, everyone has the opportunity to experience that first date feeling with Viamour. Below is our interview with Dmitry Lumpovs, CEO and Co-founder of Viamour:


Q: Where did the idea for Viamour come from?

A: Idea of Viamour was sitting in my head for years. Some time ago I was single myself, and used several dating websites, and yet felt disadvantages of them, such as browsing numerous profiles, sending and answering messages, fake profiles, etc, etc. I think, online dating concept is the great way to find the second half, so more and more people starting using it to find their partners. I feel this concept needs to be revised to use modern technology more effective.

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Q: What’s Viamour’s story?

A: For a long time there was no spark to start working on the project, and finally when my wife’s sister had difficulties in finding her relationship, I realized that there are so many lonely people like her who continue to struggle, and keep looking. Her experience repeats same steps many singles have to do. She started with several classic dating sites to take a chance. Every day I saw her doing the same thing: filling out long profile details, answering a big number of questionnaires, browsing millions of potential candidate pictures, exchanging text messages, sharing photos, then finally giving out her skype name to see the person on the other side of the screen. These steps usually took days until finally they saw each other and realized there was no chemistry.

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Q: Could you tell us more about Viamour’s key features?

A: One of the main Viamour features is that user comes to a date at arranged time, and meets potential dates in rounds of live video chat. During this time a person can ask questions, talk, and see if there is a “click”. The second main feature, that at the end of all rounds, every user makes a choice, and matched couples then continue their conversation in private (via text messaging, or video chat) Third important feature is users safety. By design our service does not collect and reveal any personal information, therefore there is no annoying calls, and messages from strangers.

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Q: Do you have any new features in the pipeline?

A: Currently only iPhone users can try the app, and we are actively working on Android version that is planned to be released in summer. We have several ideas to make the video session rounds, and what happens between them more entertaining.

Q: How would you convince the reader to start using it?

A: If he used everything, but still single – it’s time to change the strategy, and try a completely different approach. Viamour app combines all the best features of online and offline dating services. Application is built such a way that people don’t have to waste their time browsing profiles, and wait in hope to get a response from other person. Viamour is the app that puts our users into a live date. We believe only live communication is they key to feel if there is a spark between the two.

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