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Beamium – The Easiest Way To Share And Present PDF Documents Online

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Beamium is a new tool that is revolutionizing the way PDF documents are presented and shared live. The online platform developed by Slideflight provides a straightforward and user-friendly solution for those tired of complicated interfaces and endless registration processes. Slideflight´s Georg Kremer shares with us the secrets behind Beamium and its appealing nature.

Georg Kremer

Q: Mr. Kremer, please tell us how the idea to create Beamium was born?

A: Beamium is one of the tools developed by Slideflight. Our company was born as an answer to the need for visual aids during presentations. The digital revolution from the 21st century required practical tools, which permitted presenters to share their ideas in a straightforward and memorable way with their viewers. After being present in various conferences and living in own flesh the tedious experience of taking pictures of the slides to better record the information or sitting in remote, last row seats, a need was recognized: wouldn´t it be great to have a solution that permits me to watch the presentations live on my end device? That is how the idea to develop our first tool, Slideflight, came to life. A PowerPoint add-in that permits presenters to share their slides live on the smartphones, notebooks or tablets of the audience. Beamium then came as a result of the already ignited spark: following our train of thought, we decided to create an online tool that permits the sharing and presenting of PDF documents in the simplest way possible. Since the platform works online, the operative system of the devices is no longer a restriction and the tool can be used on the spot, for there are no downloads or tedious processes involved. In this manner we addressed not only large audiences with Slideflight, but also a more personalized online document sharing public with Beamium.

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Q: Could you please give us more insights into Beamium´s functionality?

A: It will be an actual challenge to find a tool that is easier to use than Beamium. The procedure is quite simple: you just need to access our online platform at Beamium with your browser and upload a PDF either by clicking on the respective button or using the drag and drop option. Immediately afterwards you will receive an ID that can be shared with the desired audience. The viewers just need to insert it on the indicated field on our homepage and then lay back and enjoy the presentation. Afterwards the presentation will be available for download, so that the audience can go over the documents more calmly. No downloads, add-ons, complicated processes, obnoxious features or distractions. User friendliness is our priority and we achieve it through a simple, straightforward and effective platform.

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Q: Which customers benefit from your services and how?

A: Everyone who presents can benefit from Beamium. We focus on the field of personal document sharing and presenting, more specifically in the business area. The speaker and education fields can also be addressed by providing a digital handout solution, however our Slideflight tool is better suited for these areas. Beamium helps businesses to adapt to the digital revolution on the field of intra- and inter-business communications, facilitating visual aid for business partners, investors and employees during meetings and pitches. Globalization has popularized international meetings, either by phone or video, and Beamium helps enhance this experience with a tool that will not lag or get jammed thanks to its efficient simplicity. Imagine an architect based in Sao Paulo sharing his design plans with the team in Dubai or a Start-up in Hong Kong pitching their business idea to a Venture Capitalist in Silicon Valley, a need for an uncomplicated tool providing much needed visual aid is clear. Beamium provides the possibility to do this live, at the pace of the presenter and in a matter of seconds.

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Q: How does the future look like for Beamium and your company in general?

A: We are working hard every day to develop Beamium further and expand our outreach. Simplicity and user friendliness are the key characteristics of Beamium, therefore we want to avoid overloading the tool with unnecessary, fancy features. In our next version we will be adding a cursor pointer, as well as the possibility to view horizontal documents. Furthermore, we will adapt to new customer needs, but always keeping faithful to our model. As for Slideflight itself, the company will be developing our PowerPoint add-in into further versions, to fit future requirements of our clients. After acquiring a solid presence in various congresses, businesses and universities in the German market, our eyes will be gazing towards the international horizon. Therefore, we are looking to increase our team as well as our budget, to strongly commit to our goals. Wherever there is a need to give memorable and innovative presentations, we will be present.

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