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Watershed Secures $100M At $1.8B Valuation To Propel Corporate Climate Efforts Forward

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Watershed, an enterprise sustainability platform, recently secured $100M in Series C funding, marking a significant milestone in the climate tech industry. This investment will enable Watershed to expand its innovative solutions for corporate climate accountability, including emissions measurement and sustainability reporting. Through strategic partnerships and a focus on technological innovation, Watershed is set to further its impact on global corporate sustainability efforts, driving meaningful progress in the fight against climate change.

The Green Revolution Gets a $100 Million Boost

In a landmark move, Watershed, the enterprise sustainability platform, has announced a substantial $100M in Series C funding. Spearheaded by Greenoaks, this financial infusion, with contributions from stalwarts like Kleiner Perkins and Sequoia Capital, marks a pivotal moment in the climate tech industry. This round not only elevates Watershed’s valuation to an impressive $1.8 billion but also solidifies its position as the preeminent force in climate software globally. The significance of this funding extends beyond mere numbers; it represents a growing confidence in technology-driven solutions to combat climate change.

Watershed: Leading the Charge in Corporate Climate Accountability

Watershed’s platform has emerged as a critical tool for corporations committed to sustainability. By facilitating precise measurement, transparent reporting, and effective reduction of carbon emissions, Watershed empowers businesses to take actionable steps towards their climate goals. This capability is increasingly crucial as sustainability transitions from a corporate social responsibility initiative to a board-level imperative. The recent funding will enable Watershed to enhance its offerings, ensuring companies of all sizes can navigate the complexities of carbon accounting with ease and precision.

The Global Climate Pledge: Watershed at the Forefront

The urgency for climate action has never been more pronounced, with a significant portion of the global Fortune 500 companies committing to ambitious sustainability targets. Watershed’s role in this landscape is indispensable. By providing robust tools for emissions tracking and reduction, Watershed is at the heart of these corporations’ strategies to fulfill their environmental pledges. The platform’s impact is measurable and vast, with its clientele now encompassing industry giants across various sectors, demonstrating the universal applicability and necessity of Watershed’s solutions in today’s corporate world.

Expanding Horizons: Watershed’s European Adventure

Watershed’s strategic focus extends beyond its American roots, with significant attention paid to expanding its influence within Europe. This decision aligns with the continent’s aggressive stance on corporate sustainability, highlighted by the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). This directive mandates nearly 12,000 companies to disclose their climate impact, creating a ripe environment for Watershed’s services. The company’s investment in Europe is not just a business expansion but a strategic move to influence and facilitate global corporate climate action at a time when it is most needed.

Innovation Meets Sustainability: Watershed’s Product Evolution

Watershed’s suite of products and services has seen significant evolution, marked by strategic acquisitions and innovative launches. The acquisition of CEDA, the world’s leading multi-regional emissions database, and the introduction of Watershed Disclosures, a dedicated software product for sustainability reporting, underscore the company’s commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for corporate sustainability. Additionally, the Watershed Marketplace has emerged as a novel platform for funding high-impact projects in clean power and sustainable aviation fuel, further broadening the scope of Watershed’s impact on corporate environmental strategies.

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Partnerships for a Greener Future

The ecosystem surrounding Watershed’s platform is strengthened by alliances with leading consultancies and organizations such as KPMG, Accenture, ERM, and PCAF. These partnerships are pivotal, enhancing the platform’s capabilities and ensuring that Watershed’s solutions are at the forefront of sustainability practices. Through collaboration, Watershed and its partners drive the adoption of best practices in emissions measurement and reduction, facilitating a broader shift towards sustainability across industries.

The Science and Policy Driving Watershed’s Success

Underpinning Watershed’s technological advancements are its advisory networks, which play a crucial role in guiding the company’s strategic direction. The Policy Advisory Board, led by Mark Carney, and the Science Advisory Board, chaired by Dr. Steve Davis, provide invaluable insights into the regulatory and scientific aspects of climate action. This blend of policy expertise and scientific rigor ensures that Watershed’s solutions are not only technologically advanced but also aligned with global sustainability goals and regulations, making them indispensable tools for companies navigating the complexities of climate reporting and action.

The Real Impact: Beyond Numbers

Watershed’s influence extends far beyond its financial achievements and product innovations. The platform’s real value is evidenced by its ability to manage over 479 million tonnes of CO2e, a figure that surpasses the annual emissions of the international aviation industry. This staggering impact highlights the effectiveness of Watershed’s approach to corporate sustainability, demonstrating the tangible benefits of its emissions measurement, reporting, and reduction tools. Through case studies and success stories, Watershed showcases the potential for significant environmental change when corporations adopt rigorous and actionable sustainability strategies.

Navigating the Future: Watershed’s Vision for a Sustainable World

With the recent infusion of $100M in funding, Watershed is poised to further refine and expand its platform, deepening its commitment to delivering state-of-the-art emissions measurement, audit-ready sustainability reporting, and science-backed decarbonization strategies. This investment will not only enhance Watershed’s existing services but also fuel innovation in developing new solutions to meet the evolving needs of global corporations. Watershed envisions a future where every company, regardless of size or sector, has access to the tools and knowledge needed to make a meaningful impact on the planet’s health. This vision is grounded in the belief that technology and data can democratize climate action, making it a universal aspect of corporate governance.

The Ripple Effect: How Watershed’s Milestone Inspires Global Change

Watershed’s success story serves as a beacon for the entire climate tech industry, signaling the viability and critical importance of sustainable enterprise solutions. This milestone is expected to catalyze further investment and innovation in the sector, encouraging startups and established companies alike to explore new avenues for environmental technology. The ripple effect of Watershed’s achievements could lead to a surge in climate-focused initiatives, with the potential to significantly accelerate global progress towards sustainability goals. As companies around the world witness Watershed’s impact, it is hoped that a new wave of corporate climate commitments will emerge, each contributing to a collective effort to combat climate change.

Empowering Change: The Path Ahead for Watershed and the Planet

The journey towards a sustainable future is fraught with challenges, yet companies like Watershed illuminate the path forward. By leveraging technology to simplify and enhance corporate sustainability efforts, Watershed not only aids its clients in achieving their environmental objectives but also plays a crucial role in the broader fight against climate change. The path ahead requires continuous innovation, collaboration, and commitment from all sectors of society. Watershed’s recent achievements and future aspirations exemplify the kind of leadership and determination needed to drive global change. As the company continues to expand its reach and refine its offerings, its impact on the planet’s future looks increasingly promising. Through its efforts, Watershed not only helps corporations navigate their sustainability journeys but also contributes to a larger movement towards a healthier, more sustainable world for future generations.

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