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Weather Nerd Brings Comparative Weather Forecasts To iPhone, Apple Watch

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Josh Wright

Written by: Josh Wright, Founder of All Star Apps

There are a lot of great weather apps out there that do one great thing. Whether it’s radar, hyper local forecast, 7-day, or just telling you what today’s weather is like, you find yourself bouncing between apps depending on what you need. Innovative app Weather Nerd brings comparative weather forecasts to iPhone, and Apple Watch.

Apple Watch

With the release of Apple Watch, getting your comparative forecast gets even easier. Alerts can be sent straight to your watch. Plus you can view the temperature and rain graphs right from your wrist. Our Weather Nerd app is available for iPhone and iPad and Apple Watch.

We’ve been beta testing Weather Nerd since last year and it’s finally time to put it in your hands. We’d love for you to check it out and we’d love to hear your feedback and ideas.

Weather Nerd - Apple watch

Just Swipe

Weather Nerd aims to put it all one swipe away.

Need radar? Swipe right.

Wanna know if it’s gonna rain in 10 minutes? Swipe.

Wondering about next week? Swipe left.

Wondering about 6 months from now? Swipe again.

Weather Nerd aims to put it all one swipe away

Daily Alerts

Now you can schedule at 7:00am alert to compare today’s temperature with yesterday. And Weather Nerd throws in rain, high, and lows too.

Is Your Weather Comparative?

But the real win with Weather Nerd is comparative forecasts.

> “Today is 11º cooler than yesterday.”

Cool. Grab a jacket.

For most people, seeing today’s high is only half the puzzle. Subconsciously, you think, “What was yesterday like?”

Weather Nerd does the math for you!

Last Updated on April 17, 2016

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