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What’s The Deal With Company Testing Laboratories

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Before products like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, and beverages make it to market, they go through a series of tests to ensure that they’re safe for human consumption/use. Not only is this a requirement in these industries, but thorough testing goes a long way in building consumer trust. If your company is currently developing a product in the above-mentioned categories, you’ll need the services of a reputable laboratory testing center.

Should this happen to be your first time developing a product, you’re likely searching for the ideal testing laboratory to contract with. As there are several service providers available, it is imperative that you use key guidelines to help you in selecting the best lab for the job.

Accreditations and Certifications

When looking for a testing laboratory that you can trust, accreditations and certifications can go a long way. These are acknowledgments by third-party organizations. It essentially means that the lab meets or exceeds the performance requirements set forth by the local and federal government and private-sector agencies. Seeing that a lab testing center belongs to a certain organization, has received certain certifications, or is accredited by a third-party agency means that they’ve gone above and beyond to meet high standards.


Ensuring that your products are properly tested is essential to your brand’s credibility, reputation, and success. As the testing process is intricate and multi-layered, it is highly recommended that you look for a testing laboratory that has the experience to conduct efficient research and provide accurate and timely results. You not only want to know how long the lab has been in business but where their area of expertise lies and the experience of their staff. You can typically find this information out by visiting the company’s about or testimonials page.

Equipment and Space

You should never select a laboratory testing center without first having a look at their facilities and equipment. No matter how experienced the laboratory staff may be, without the right tools and resources, they’re not going to be as effective in their practices. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, schedule an in-person or virtual visit where you can view the premises and equipment. Check it out to see if they have things from confocal microscopes and beakers to Bunsen burners and more.


You have a timeframe in mind that you’d like to have your products on the market. That deadline, however, is dependent upon the timeliness of the testing laboratory you choose. When consulting with lab representatives, be sure to find out what their availability is and whether or not they have the staff, equipment, and resources to turnaround results by your desired date.

Available Services

Obviously, you want to select a lab that does testing on products within your industry. However, you also want to consider other services offered. While some labs will simply run tests and provide you with the results, others will provide you with assistance in rectifying issues by helping you to improve your products and get them to market faster. If you plan on creating other products in the future, finding a lab that does multiple types of testing is also highly recommended. This way, you can develop a strong relationship with the same service provider.


After you’ve researched all the above-mentioned factors, the final consideration is cost. Remaining within budget is essential. Therefore, you want to work with a lab that is willing to offer you quality services at a price you can afford. You can ask for estimates or quotes on services to determine who has the better offer (with all other factors included).

Whether you’ve come up with a new organic beverage or cosmetic line, getting your products to market is not as simple as coming up with an idea, creating the product, packaging it, and putting it up for sale. Before the general public can consume or use certain products, it is imperative that they are tested for safety and quality assurance. Unless you have the funds to conduct this testing in-house, it will be necessary for you to find a quality testing laboratory to assist you. By using the above factors you are sure to narrow down your options to make the most efficient choice.

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