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Which Automated Testing Tools Don’t Require Programming Skills, And Which Ones Do?

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Testing is one of the most important aspects of creating software products. Manual testing is very tedious and time-consuming. Automated testing can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of software testing.

Choosing the right testing tool could help you to get the best software development results. Before deciding on the test automation tool, you need to establish your team’s current and future needs. You also need to look into your budget and the level of expertise required for every testing tool. Some automation testing tools require programming skills, while others don’t. With tools that require programming skills, you need not work with project templates or create scripts from scratch. While other automating testing tools allow the usage of templates, prewritten scripts and element libraries to create automated tests. Let’s break these tools down.

Automated testing tools that require programming skills


Selenium testing framework performs web application software testing in different working environments. It works across platforms such as Mac, Linux, and Windows. With this open-source software, you can create tests in different programming languages such as PHP, Java, and Python.

Many tools use Selenium for test development and to connect to various language libraries. This is one of the best automation testing tools that offers playback and record features. Such features will let you create tests without learning the IDE. The software supports large browser vendors to ensure that Selenium is part of the browser. The software offers support across different browsers, including Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, and Firefox.


This software does not have a script and requires diverse programming skills. Just like Selenium, it also supports different programming languages. Using the TestComplete software, experts can record test scenarios at different stages. They can play the recordings later and insert checkpoints to check the results. TestComplete ensures your application’s quality without compromising agility and speed.

The platform uses Graphical User Interface to ensure testing flexibility. You can test every web, mobile application, and desktop with ease. TestComplete uses an object recognition engine to recognize the interface elements during software testing. This becomes very relevant for applications that change the user interfaces frequently. However, this software has stability problems, lacks clear documentation, and is quite costly.

Automated testing tools that don’t require programming skills


Watir is an open-source testing tool that automates web applications in various programming languages. This Ruby-developed framework is supported by browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. Watir connects to a browser and automatically opens the respective URL. As such, you don’t need to have any coding or programming skills to use it. This software is used in frameworks such as Cucumber, RSpec, and more.

With Watir, you can take screenshots of your testing on a need basis. This helps you to monitor immediate testing. It is also easy to use the performance object to measure page performance. The performance object has features such as performance timing, performance navigation, and performance memory. This information is available after connecting to a browser. Whereas Watir is user-friendly, it does not support mobile testing.

Katalon Studio

Katalin Studio is one of the best codeless testing solutions in the market today. It is suitable for Desktop applications, Mobile, Web, and API. As a beginner, you can test software using the framework’s user-friendly interface. You can also record, playback, and drop testing commands. The tool has a better set of integrations and is easy to deploy.

Instead of using complex libraries to build a testing framework, you can use Katalon Studio to generate a framework fast. Professional users can also use the interface to write advanced scripts easily. Katalin Studio does not require complex configuration or programming skills. Besides an excellent integration with modern tools, you can also use it for different types of testing.

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CloudQA is a cloud-based integrated test automation platform for any user. It is designed to create, maintain and facilitate tests across many browsers in a row. CloudQA offers you power almost similar to Selenium, with no complex coding capabilities required. You can put the recorded tests into modules in an easy-to-understand format.

There is no need to modify codes when reusing the tests. It is easier to monitor multiple sets of data over different real-time browsers such as Firefox, IE, and Chrome. CloudQA supports data-driven testing and the ability to record and playback automated testing with screenshots. With CloudQA, to can test software fast without worrying about any limitations.

Perfecto Scriptless

Perfecto Scriptless is an automation testing tool for continuous software testing. This record and playback facility offers a software test script with ready-made codes. You can customize it later but be careful not to break the script. Perfecto Scriptless has element locators to capture attributes such as text value, IDs, and size.

This framework does not require any extra plugins. It also supports multiple sets of data and parallel testing execution. With Perfecto Scriptless, you can develop test scenarios before getting ready with the application. It lets you create and review analysis and reports at the end of every testing step. The framework comes with built-in integrations such as Notifications, Issue management, and Test Management.

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