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In a groundbreaking move,, the dynamic AI startup, has unveiled its revolutionary platform set to reshape the landscape of cloud-based business application development. This innovation promises businesses an intuitive no-code solution, turning concepts from mere visions to tangible executions.

AI-Powered Simplicity at Its Best

At the heart of Zingy’s platform lies the AI-enhanced editor, a user-friendly tool equipped with drag-and-drop capabilities for effortlessly crafting pages and forms. But the innovation doesn’t stop there. With the introduction of Zingy’s AI Wiz feature, users can now design interfaces by merely describing their requirements in plain English. This language-driven approach heralds the future of application development, making it more accessible and intuitive than ever before.

One of the standout attributes of Zingy’s no-code platform is its versatility. Businesses across various sectors can leverage the platform to design tailor-made applications that address specific challenges and requirements. Whether it’s a custom dashboard for monitoring finance or sales, a sophisticated management app for IoT devices, a dedicated customer support portal, or an internal automation tool to streamline company processes, Zingy has got it covered. Its adaptability ensures that organizations, regardless of their size or industry, can create solutions that align perfectly with their objectives, enhancing efficiency and ensuring a competitive edge.

Elevating Customization Beyond Traditional Coding

Gone are the days when app development demanded a steep learning curve and mastery of programming. Traditional tools, with their rigid no-code features, often limited customization, compelling users to depend heavily on IT specialists and coders. is set to change this narrative.

With the revolutionary “Page Flow” feature, a block-based approach, users can effortlessly construct intricate programs by stacking and connecting pre-designed blocks. These blocks encapsulate specific programming concepts, enabling the creation of complex solutions without writing a single line of code.

Furthermore, “Cloud Flow” supercharges apps with custom cloud logic, background tasks, and secure web-hook integrations, ensuring seamless harmony with external applications. This flexibility reduces reliance on technical experts while guaranteeing robust security and interoperability.

Integration and Support

Apps developed on the Zingy platform can securely exchange information with third-party applications via APIs, proprietary databases, and various other services. Moreover, for those who have a knack for coding, Zingy offers the flexibility to incorporate custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, empowering software professionals to rapidly architect and commercialize their software solutions.

Discover Zingy Today

Zingy currently offers two editions: Starter and Standard, with a 1-month free trial of the Standard edition. Those keen to explore the platform can check out the live demo, showcasing the myriad of features Zingy brings to the table.

In the words of Sriram Dayanandan, CEO of Zingy, “By welcoming expertise from diverse fields into software application development, Zingy ensures the creation of more functional and user-centric software. This inclusive approach will lead us to a much higher level of innovation and productivity.”


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