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Zubie Brings The Power Of Connectivity To The Cars, Vans, And Trucks We Already Own

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Zubie, a Minneapolis based technology company, is bringing the power of connectivity to the cars, vans, and trucks you already own. Whether for a fleet of 4,000 or a family of four, Zubie connects your vehicles directly to your personal Zubie web or phone application enabling you to access critical vehicle location data, vehicle health & diagnostic data, driver safety information, and trip history information.

Business owners and families are benefitting every day from this easy to install, simple to use platform that brings new and valuable information to their fingertips.

To find out more about how Zubie is helping fleet managers we sat down with Zubie CEO, Gary Tucker:

Gary Tucker

Q: How would you describe Zubie in your own words?

A: Zubie Fleet Connect is an easy to use tool to improve driving safety and efficiency. Our technology enables you to easily see critical information pertaining to your vehicles and the people who drive them, improving the performance of your business and the safety of your employees.

Q: Who are the primary clients of Zubie and what are some of the key challenges you are helping them solve?

A: The Zubie Fleet Connect and Zubie Car Connect applications are easily accessed via the web or on your smart phone. The app gives businesses critical information across all four pillars of connectivity:
• Vehicle Location – where is my vehicle at any time
• Vehicle Health and Diagnostic Information – why is my check engine light on, how much life is left in my battery, how much fuel do I have, and more
• Driver Safety – individual driver scores based on safe driving characteristics
• Trip Management – access to trip history, and input for expense reports

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Our Zubie Fleet Connect customers are managing fleets of all shapes and sizes. Some are large companies managing a fleet of several thousand vehicles, many are small businesses seeking to improve the performance of their business, and others are using Zubie Car Connect for their family or even a single vehicle. Examples include: rental companies such as Hertz, school and university fleets, and ProTradeNet franchisees including Mr. Electric, Mr. Appliance, Glass Doctor, AireServe as well as parents keeping tabs on teen drivers and aging parents.

Behind the application that our customers use to manage their fleets is a powerful combination of hardware, software, and cellular technology. Our platform is also uniquely flexible allowing customers and partners to easily integrate with other applications via ZINC, our robust API layer.

Simply stated, if you have vehicles, we can help you.

Q: Can you give us more insights into Zubie solutions?

A: Thousands of fleets – large and small – use Zubie Fleet Connect every day. In addition to the Zubie Fleet Connect application, our customers are utilizing other fleet related applications that are integrated with their Zubie data.

Some of our key market partners include ServiceTitan, Fleetio, IFTTT, and RepairPal. Zubie interacts with a number of providers in the value-chain for fleets – from repair service providers to fuel card and fuel provisioning services. Either by offering discounts and deals from partners through it’s unique PERKS program, or by offering integrated features such as expense management and safety services — all with the goal of making fleet management as pain-free as possible.

We keep it simple: simple to sign up, simple to install, simple to use. A Zubie Connect subscription includes:
• Location Management: Live location tracking, curfew scheduling, detailed trip history, geofence alerts, point-of-interest reporting, and dispatch.
• Driver Behavior Analysis: Alerts and reports for safety infractions and fuel efficiency.
• Driver Check-In: Keep track of who is driving which vehicle during which time periods, and for which trips.
• Vehicle Health Management: Check engine light diagnosis, battery level monitoring, preventative maintenance reminders, fuel level.
• Trip Tracking: Map and trip time, mileage, top speed, hard brakes, hard accelerations, speed, idle time and fuel cost.
• Trip Tagging: Categorization of trips for business expenses and tax deductions.
• Roadside Assistance: On-demand tow truck network for quick assistance.
• Fuel Finder: Location of the cheapest gas near you.
• Vehicle Maintenance: In-depth information about engine codes, repair estimates for highlighted issues, and local repair shop listings.
• Integrations: Key integrations with Fleetio, Expensify, IFTTT and other partners.

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Q: What are Zubie’s plans for the future?

A: Zubie is bringing vehicle connectivity to the mass market by making connected vehicle technology easy to get, easy to install, and easy to use. We will continue to innovate around the value of connectivity and keep things simple for vehicle operators and owners so that they can be safer and more efficient.

You can expect to see us leading the way in the use of technology to help our customers improve the safety and performance of their businesses.

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