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Cloudyn Helps You Make The Most Out Of Your Cloud Investment


Cloudyn delivers a leading cloud monitoring and management platform that optimizes cloud management across private, public and hybrid clouds. Last December Cloudyn announced 11 Million Series B round of funding. The company helps organizations select the right mix of cloud vendors and enables SmartSizing of their cloud resources for maximum operational performance and control. Below is our interview with Yoav Mor, Multi-Cloud Solution Evangelist at Cloudyn.


Cloudyn is the leader in multi-cloud monitoring and optimization of private and public clouds. Thousands of customers worldwide, including a global manufacturer of aerospace and defense systems, one of the world’s largest semiconductor chip makers, and a multinational metals and mining corporation use Cloudyn to monitor and optimize their cloud deployments.

Q: How would you describe Cloudyn in your own words?

A: Cloudyn provides an end-to-end solution for monitoring, optimization and governance of multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments. It enables IT departments to gain back control of their organizations’ IT consumption, reduce cloud costs by up to 40%, and facilitate organizational cloud accountability through chargeback/showback, and through consumption and cost reporting and alerting, all from a single pane of glass.

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Q: How was Cloudyn founded and what is your core competence?

A: The 3 co-founders (Sharon Wagner, CEO; Dr. Boris Goldberg, CTO and Mr. Vittaly Tavor, VP of Products) started the company and today, not even 5 years later, Cloudyn monitors over 18% of the top three cloud platform vendors: Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Cloudyn was founded to help cloud customers make the most out of their cloud investment by optimizing the way they use their cloud resources and support their business growth.

Q: Which cloud vendors does it support?

A: AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and OpenStack. Further, Cloudyn is an AWS advanced technology partner, Microsoft Trusted partner and OpenStack member.

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Q: Tell us briefly about the solutions offered?

A: Cloudyn For Enterprises enables IT and finance managers to monitor, optimize and analyze cloud usage and cost trends, allocate cloud costs and enable chargebacks/showback at any level in the enterprise hierarchy, facilitating cross-enterprise cloud, visibility, optimization and governance.

Cloudyn MSP for Cloud Service Providers and System Integrators is a platform that allows Cloud Service Brokers and cloud-based Managed Service Providers to monitor their own, as well as their customers’ cloud deployments from a single dashboard with drill-down to optimize capacity planning and pricing for increased profit margins, and to create new revenue streams by offering their customers Cloudyn-powered value-added services.

Cost Allocation 360° is a tool that helps companies correlate cloud consumption and cost with business objectives. It allows finance and IT managers to uncover the actual cost breakdown, drivers and trends of their cloud deployment. Also, managers can easily associate their deployment expenses with business units, departments, regions, etc.

Q: Can you give us more insights into Cloudyn’s cloud monitoring, analytics and optimization SaaS solutions?

A: Our solution is also fully customizable, supporting custom definitions of cost entities as well as granular, role-based access to provide our customers unprecedented insights into their cloud costs.

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Q: What sets Cloudyn apart from other solutions in this space?

A: There are a number of other SaaS tools that offer cloud monitoring and optimization. Many of them, however, are limited to supporting only one or more public cloud providers and offer only baseline monitoring tools, while others provide an array of high-level optimization options, which can be sourced from open-source software.

As our clients typically run massive cloud deployments with applications running cross-cloud resources, Cloudyn’s unique value proposition provides an in-depth suite for full cloud IT financial management for single or multi-cloud architectures, supporting the largest array of public and private cloud solutions, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and OpenStack. Having this cloud platform support with drill-down capability enables Cloudyn customers to find the right mix of clouds for their needs and workloads and allows them to compare performance and price between clouds. In addition, Cloudyn’s solution delivers meaningful and actionable data, based on both operational and financial metrics. For example associating usage and cost metrics with business performance metrics.

Cloudyn is also unique in its offering for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), giving them a reliable and accurate tool for managing their cloud resources and profit margins, supporting hierarchical customer structures (Distributor→ Reseller→ End User) and custom pricing per customer.

Q: What are your plans for 2016?

A: Geographical expansion in North America and other markets; bolstering of marketing and sales teams; grow R&D to maintain Cloudyn’s market leadership and continue to ensure satisfaction and delight among our growing customer base.

Q: How can interested parties learn more about Cloudyn’s solution?

A: Interested parties can sign-up to test-drive Cloudyn, as well as register for a 1-on-1 demo at: info@cloudyn.com.

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