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Agorafy: A Real Estate Tech Company That Is Democratizing Data

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In a real estate industry where information is traditionally undisclosed, Agorafy is a real estate technology company that is democratizing data by offering an open online platform and a mobile app where information can be accessed in a concise, easy and quick manner for all users. Below is our interview with Nagidmy Marquez, VP of Global and Strategic Communications of Agorafy.


Q: What is Agorafy?

A: The real estate industry is robust and profitable, and yet the reality is that it needs more players to build the proper tech tools to push real estate enthusiasts and professionals into the right direction. Agorafy is a New York-based technology company. We are an open online platform for organizing and sharing real estate information in New York City. Our mission is to be the most accurate resource for commercial and residential listings, as well as property information for both real estate professionals and the general public interested in accessing current market data to make informed decisions.

We are a free platform for all users, specializing in listing and searches. Our platform is a dynamic one because we help members and users quickly find real estate opportunities by providing a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips, which can be accessed from anywhere, and at anytime, either on our desktop platform or on the mobile app.

From a more targeted approach, Agorafy plays a key role for real estate professionals (brokers, agents and landlords) in providing access to an online platform where information and data can be obtained in a concise, easy and quick manner. It is all about, transparency, efficiency and accuracy when looking for real estate opportunities. We provide it all.

Finally, we believe in democratizing real estate information which means having access to extensive knowledge and information of the industry and being educated in the process, all while saving time. All of these factors elevate the purpose and reach of a company like Agorafy within both sectors, tech and real estate. Agorafy supports all areas of real estate, from commercial to residential to investment sales properties. It is about replacing old processes with new ones and also using technology to diversify the industry. Technology has made it possible for the real estate industry to blend and welcome online platforms like us.

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Q: Who can use Agorafy and how does it work?

A: Agorafy is for everyone, but most especially for real estate professionals, including brokers, agents and landlords. We are here to help them facilitate their work. Something that we emphasize is that we are not brokers and as a company we are not generating revenues from that. We are here to serve and provide real estate professionals with all of the necessary tools to make their work successful and profitable. Agorafy relies on advertising – real estate related, and also subscription memberships for real estate professionals. They will have the opportunity to highlight their listings while gaining additional visibility.

Since we are a real estate tech company, Agorafy’s users can either navigate the desktop version or the mobile app, which is also available on iOS and Android. The public can search thousands of listings for free. For brokers and any other real estate professionals, Agorafy provides the tools to experience real estate in an easy and functional way. They can update and submit their listing, generate a listing report, print property reports, customize them and manage their listings and online profile.


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Q: What are your key features?

A: Based on the type of user, unregistered, registered or our coming-soon feature, Agorafy Pro, users can access the platform and get more in-depth features set.

The search and listing is free for everyone regardless. On any of our platforms (desktop/mobile) users looking into residential real estate will find all the data needed to be fully informed including prices, broker’s contact information, search professionals, geolocation (app), etc.

When it comes to real estate professionals (residential and commercial), they also have a full spectrum of options such as submit and update listings, generate reports, customized reports, manage listing profiles, listing metrics. In the near future, Agorafy will have an advertising model in place where real estate professionals can gain exposure and highlight their properties.

We are very proud of the work that has been done with our mobile app, especially since it is the only real estate search platform to combine both residential and commercial real estate listings for Manhattan, Brooklyn and all of NYC’s five boroughs.

In addition to the listings in all five boroughs, the Agorafy app offers geolocation. You can find listings in your borough, your neighborhood or right around the corner using the GPS powered search. Other features include, daily notifications and the saving of multiple search criteria. Lastly, for brokers and agents, they can renew and update their market listing from the app (quick and easy).

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Q: What are your plans for next six months?

A: Agorafy is planning to grow its presence, beyond the New York City real estate market, by strategically targeting other cities in the United States within the next six to twelve months. The company will also increase their leadership and advisory team. We are also revamping our desktop version and corporate branding. Lastly, we are starting to put our advertising package into place as well as paid a subscription model for real estate professionals.

Q: How would you convince the reader to start using Agorafy?

A: Our product speaks for itself. In today’s world, time is a luxury. With Agorafy, users can take advantage of reliable, fast and accurate data in an open and free platform.

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